Sarpagandha Ghan Vati

Sarpagandhaghan Vati is classical polyherbal ayurvedic medicine. It is useful in the treatment of high blood pressure, increased pulse and insomnia. This formulation contains Sarpagandha as the main ingredient along with Cannabis, Khurasani ajwain, Jatamansi and Pippla Mula.

All the ingredients of this medicine have sedative, narcotic and tranquillizing effects. They have Central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) depressant action which means they slow normal brain activity. This property helps in treating anxiety and sleep disorders. Intake of CNS depressant, causes calm, sedation, sleep, anesthesia and pain relief. CNS depressant are given to people who are anxious or can’t sleep, people suffering from seizures, anxiety, or sleep disorders.

Sarpagandhaghan Vati is very hot in potency and induces sweating. It is generally taken with milk to reduce its Pitta increasing action. This medicine is contraindicated in excess heat inside the body, bleeding disorders, ulcers, inflammation in intestine, burning sensation in the body, low blood pressure, depression, breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

  • Synonyms: Sarpagandhadi Gutika, Sarpgandha Tablet
  • Reference Text: Siddha Yoga Sangraha
  • Type of medicine: Classical Medicine
  • Purpose: Bhrama (vertigo)-Anidra (insomnia)-Unmada (insanity)

Ingredients of Sarpagandhaghan Vati

1. Sarpagandha (Rt.) 10 Parts

2. Khurasani Yavani (Sd.) 2 Parts

3. Jatamansi (Rt.) 1 Parts

4. Bhanga (Vijaya) (Lf.) 1 Parts

5. Paani / Water 8 Parts Reduced to 1 Part

6. Pippali mula churna (Rt.) 1 Part

Method of Preparation

Prepare the solid extract of the ingredients no. 1 to 4 as per Rasa Kriya. Pills are prepared after adding Pippalimula Churna it. The weight of each pill should be about 375 mg.

About the ingredients

Sarpagandha or Rauwolfia serpentina, is a powerful medicinal herb with blood pressure lowering and CNS depressing activities. It lower the heart rate, blood pressure and brain activities. Sarpagandha is antihypertensive, antipsychotic, sedative, hypnotic and tranquilizing. It is given in precise dose to manage blood pressure and induce sleep.

Khurasani Ajwain, is cerebral and spinal sedative, narcotic, anodyne, antiseptic, digestive, astringent, anthelmintic and antispasmodic. It is used as a sedative in mental and maniacal excitement, epileptic mania, chronic dementia with insomnia, convulsions, neuralgia.

Jatamansi, Balchhar, Balchir, Baluchar, Jatalasi, Jatamansi, Kanuchara, Spikenard are few names of Nardostachys jatamansi. The roots of the plant are aromatic and bitter and possess stimulant and anti-spasmodic properties. Jatamansi is used in the treatment of epilepsy, hysteria, convulsive ailments, palpitation of the heart and diseases of the head. It is a nervine tonic.

Cannabis sativa or Cannabis, is Hypnotic, Anodyne, Antispasmodic, Sedative, Narcotic, and Nervous Sedative. Due to its sedative and narcotic properties it is used in the treatment of nervous tension and insomnia. It has Vasodilator activity.

Pippali mula is aromatic root of the plant Piper longum. It is stomachic, digestive, pungent, hot, and very useful for digesting food, bile producing and laxative. It is also used in Ayurveda for insomnia, palsy and epilepsy. Pippali mula or roots have potent NSAID type of analgesic activity. It is sedative, emollient, demulcent, general tonic and hematinic. Pipplamool is a CNS depressant.

Ayurvedic Properties and Action

Sarpagandhaghan Vati is bitter in taste (Rasa), pungent after digestion (Vipaka), and is hot in effect (Virya).

It is an Ushna Virya herb. Ushna Virya or hot potency herb, subdues Vata (Wind) and Kapha (Mucus) and increases Pitta (Bile). Sarpagandhaghan Vati is carminative, antiemetic and thermogenic. It has the property of digestion, vomiting and purging, and gives a feeling of lightness. It is considered bad for sperms and fetus.

  • Rasa (taste on the tongue): Tikta (Bitter)
  • Guna (Pharmacological Action): Laghu (Light), Ruksha (Dry)
  • Virya (Action): Ushna (Heating)
  • Vipaka (transformed state after digestion): Katu (Pungent)

Action / Karma

  • Pachan: Assist in digesting undigested food, but do not increase the appetite
  • Kaphahara: Pacifies Kapha Dosha
  • Vatahara: Pacifies Vata Dosha
  • Pittakar: Increases pitta
  • Nidraprad: Sleep inducing
  • Hridyavasadaka: Depresses (avsadak) Hridya (heart)

It is a Katu Vipak herb. Vipak refers to post-digestive (effect after digestion/cooking of Rasa) effect of tastes after its mixing with digestive juices. It is the long term effect of the herb. Katu Viapk herbs / foods, pungent after digestion. It increases dryness in the body. Such foods reduce fertility and Kapha.

Katu vipaak has catabolic effect on the body.

Benefits of Sarpagandhaghan Vati

It has antispasmodic, analgesic, carminative, hypotensive, nervine, sedative and vasodilatory properties.

It depresses CNS / Central nervous system.

It has sedative and tranquilizing effect.

It induces sleep.

It reduces phlegm inside the body and promotes sweating.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Sarpagandhaghan Vati

Sarpagandhaghan Vati gives relief in mild to moderate hypertension (high blood pressure), stress, certain forms of insanity, insomnia and cardiac oedema.

  1. Hypertension
  2. Insomnia
  3. Irritability
  4. Anxiety, Hysterias, Mania
  5. Insanity

The Dosage of Sarpagandhaghan Vati

For high blood pressure, take 1 tablet (375mg) twice a day after the meal with water or milk for 1-3 months. For insomnia, take 1 tablet with water/milk, just before going to bed. Or take as directed by a physician.

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects, and Warnings

  1. It contains Bhang and Sarpagandha and should be taken only in recommended doses and specified duration.
  2. It is hot in nature, so should be used with caution in summer and by hot temperament individuals and menstruating women.
  3. Do not use in pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  4. It must not be given to children.
  5. It may cause depression.
  6. It should not be used if tissues are inflamed.
  7. Don’t take in the mouth blisters, dryness and persistent bitter taste in the mouth, red eyes, hot and watery face, inflammation of the body, inflammations of the intestines and high pitta.


You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores. Name of some of Ayurvedic Pharmacies manufacturing this medicine is given below:

  1. Baidyanath (Sarpagandhaghan Vati / tablet)
  2. Planet Ayurveda (Sarpgandhaghan Vati)
  3. Dabur (Sarpagandhaghan Vati)
  4. Unjha (Sarpagandha Ghanvati)
  5. Zandu (Sarpagandhaghan Tablets, Blister pack)

and many other Ayurvedic pharmacies.

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