What is Poultice

Poultice consists of warm medicinal herb which is applied directly on skin to get relief from swelling, inflammation, boils, pain, etc. It is applied at affected area with help of thin warm cloth which keeps herb at that place. Poultice is also called cataplasm.
For preparing poultice first herb is crushed to get pulpy mass and warmed up. This warm pulp of medicinal herb is then spread on wet and hot cloth. The cloth helps to hold herb and it is wrapped around the affected area. If herb used can cause irritation on skin then it is better to use two layer of cloth. This poultice is applied on skin for required time and then the area is washed with water.

Poultice are useful as home remedies for some common problems.

  • Cabbage Poultice

    Cabbage Poultice can be prepared using fresh crushed or cooked cabbage. This poultice effectively draws out pus and toxins from boils.

  • Carrot poultice

    Carrot poultice is prepared from boiled carrots. Carrots are boiled, mashed to get pulpy mass which is applied on skin. This poultice is helpful in curing acne, boils, bruise, cyst and chapped skin.

  • Potato Poultice

    Potato Poultice is prepared from raw potatoes. Grated potatoes are mixed in hot water and applied on skin to cure bruise, sprain carbuncle or boil. This poultice has cooling effect and also helpful in curing infections.

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