Home remedies for baby teething

For most of the babies teething is stressful and painful process. Here are some symptoms of baby teething.

  • swollen and red gums
  • Gum rubbing and biting
  • Heaving drooling
  • General crankiness and being unsettled

Natural home remedies for smooth and painless teething

  • Rub roasted borax powder on gums
  • Give warm orange juice it will help in teething
  • Rub honey on gums for some days
  • Make powder of mulethi and rub on gums
  • Mix basil leaves juice in anar juice and feed this to baby
  • Mix 1 spoon radish juice in 2 spoon honey and give it to baby this will help in Teething and cure other side effect of teething like fever and loose motion.
  • Give calcium rich diet.

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