Musali Khadiradi Kashaya

Musli Khadiradi Kwath or Kashayam is polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation. This medicine is decoction of medicinal herbs viz. Musali, Khadira, Gokhru, Shatavar, Jamun, and Amla. Musali Khadiradi Kashayam is indicated in treatment of gynaecological complaints (Pradar).

Here is given more about Musli Khadiradi Kashayam such as indication/therapeutic uses, composition and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Musli Khadiradi Kashayam

This is complete list of medicinal herbs that are used to prepare this decoction:

Musali (Chlorophytum tuberosum), Khadira (Acacia catechu), Gokhru (Tribulus terrestris Fruits), Amla Emblica officinalis, Shatavar(Asparagus racemosus Tubers), Jamum Syzygium cuminii

Uses of Musli Khadiradi Kashayam

This decoction is given in treatment of shwet pradar (Leucorrhoea) and rakta pradar. Rakta pradar or Metrorrhagia is dysfunctional bleeding from the womb. Vaginal bleeding, excessive bleeding during periods includes in dysfunctional bleeding from womb.

Dosage of Musli Khadiradi Kashayam

The recommended dosage of Musli Khadiradi Kashayam 12-24 ml with four times water, twice a day. Or take as directed by physician.

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