Medicinal use of Pomegranate Leaves

Pomegranate is a native of Iran, Afghanistan and Baluchistan. It is found growing wild in the warm valleys and outer hills of the Himalaya between 900m and 1800m altitude. It is cultivated throughout India, the largest area being in Maharastra. Its leaves are useful in treating digestive problems, skin problems, low appetite, insomnia and certain other medical conditions.

General Information

pomegranate leaves medicinal uses


Latin name: Punica granatum
Family: Punicaceae
Sanskrit: Lohitapushpa, Dantabija
Assamese: Dalim
Bengali: Dadima, Dalim, Dalimgach
English: Pomegranate
Gujarati: Dadam, Dadam phala
Hindi: Anar, Anar-ke-per
Kannada: Dalimba, Dalimbe haonu
Malayalam: Mathalam
Marathi: Dalimba
Oriya: Dalimba
Punjabi: Anar
Tamil: Madulam Pazham
Telugu: Dadimbakaya, Dadimma
Urdu: Anar

Pomegranate leaves health benefits

  • Insomnia sleeplessness

    Wash, clean and crush leaves of Pomegranate (3 gm). Now add these in water (200 ml) and cook till volume reduces to one fourth. Drink before going to bed.

  • Jaundice, liver problem, vomiting, digestive problem, Raktarsha

    Collect its leaves, clean them. Dry in shade. Grind to make powder. Take 3 gm twice a day.

  • Eczema

    Apply Pomegranate Leaves juice on affected area.

  • Coughing khasi

    Take dried leaves, buds, tulsi leaves and black pepper (2-3). Boil in water and cook for few minutes. Filter and drink.

  • Rectum prolapse, Anal prolapse

    Wash and clean leaves (10 gm) of herb. Now add these in water (400 ml) and cook till volume reduces to one fourth. Filter, add alum and wash affected areas. You may sit in thus prepared decoction.

  • Mouth ulcer, Sores

    Wash and clean leaves (20-25 gm) of anar. Crush, add these in water (400 ml) and cook till volume reduces to one fourth. Filter and gargle.

  • Ear pain, ear problems

    Wash and clean leaves (10-15 gm) of anar. Now crush and extract juice in mortar and pestle. Cook in sesame oil (equal quantity to juice). Put few drops in ear.

  • Wrinkles, loose skin

    Extract leaves juice (1 litre) and cook in half litre Til oil. Cook on low flame till all water evaporates. Use this oil for massaging regularly.

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