Medicinal use of Onosma Echiodes

Onosma echioides is medicinal herb which is very effective cardiac tonic and used in treatment of various diseases like Kidney stones, Skin problems and more.

Onosma echioides is medicinal herb which is found in different parts of world like Siberia, France, Baluchistan, Kabul, India, etc. In India this herb is distributed in Kashmir, Kumaon and Himalyan range.

onosma echioides medicinal uses

Onosma Echiodes is stimulant, diuretic and cardiac tonic. It is also applied externally on ulcers, scrofula and burns. This also provides natural red color dye which is used for coloring purpose.

General Information

  • Botanical Name: Onosma Echioides
  • English name: Onosma
  • Sanskrit: Ratanjot, Damini
  • Hindi: Laljadi, Balchadh, Balchadi

Here are few remedies that can be done at home using Onosma Echiodes

  • Heart problems, Cardiac Tonic, Palpitations

    Prepare tea of Onosma leaves and drink regularly. This is tonic for the heart and helps in irregular heart beating.

  • Kidney stones

    Prepare decoction of Onosma leaves and drink regularly twice a day for a few days.

  • Hysteria, fits, Epilepsy

    Grind and prepare powder of Onosma roots. Take this root powder (1 gm) twice a day with water.

  • Blood purification, Skin disorders, Toxins in the body

    Regularly use Onosma leaves to cure skin problems.

  • Skin problems

    Prepare root powder of Onosma and take (1/2 gm) twice a day.

  • Hair greying and other hair problems

    Mix henna powder and Onosma powder. Add water to this powder to make paste of medium consistency. Apply this paste on scalp for a few hours.

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