Herbal cure for Heart problems

We have been given with so many herbs by Mother Nature that helps to protect and prevent many ailments. Nowadays various clinical studies are also done that proves effectiveness of herbs in the treatment of diseases that are used traditionally from generations.  In India Ayurveda herbs are used to treat almost every disease effectively. One important point should always kept in mind that herbs, jadi buti woks but it takes time to show results.

Here is given few medicinal herbs like Ashwagandha, Mimosa, Guldaudi, Arjuna, etc.which we can use in the treatment of various heart related problems.

  • Chrysanthemum (Guldaudi)

    Chrysanthemum is used to treat chest pain, hypertension and tonic. It increases blood flow to heart.
    It is a cardiac tonic and improves heart function. Dry Guldaudi flowers. Boil one cup water and add some dried Guldaudi flowers. Cook for 2 minutes and filter. Drink this regularly as tea.

  • Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)

    For Angina pain, mix powder of Arjun bark and ashwagandha powder in equal amount and take twice a day. This is cardiac tonic.

  • Mimosa pudica (Lajwanti)

    In the case of heart enlargement or kidney enlargement, prepare decoction of Chui mui panchang that is all parts of this plant (leaves, flower, fruits, branches roots) in water and drink regularly.

  • Fumaria Indica (Pitt papada)

    For increased cholesterol, prepare decoction of arjun bark and pitt papda and drink regularly.

  • Pellitory (Akarkara)

    For heart disease like angina pain and palpitation, prepare decoction of Arjun bark (1 tbsp) and Akarkara flower in a glass of water. When volume reduces to one fourth filter and drink.

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