Medicinal use of Indian Sorrel Changeri

Indian sorrel herb leaves has many medicinal properties. There are many remedies of this herb in ayurveda to treat various health conditions.

Indian sorrel oxalis corniculata is common annual weed. Changeri or Indian Sorrel leaves has cold, refrigerant, antiscorbutic, appetizing, astringent, antifungal, antimicrobial and wound healing activities.

General Information of Indian Sorrel

It is a small annual or perennial, more or less erect herb with creeping or subterranean stem, 6-25 cm high, grows throughout warmer parts of the country and also in all tropical and temperate climates, growing up to an elevation of 3000 m in North-West Himalayas.

Changeri leaves and stem contain tartaric, citric acid and vitamin C which gives it sour taste. These leaves also contain vitamin C (125mg/100 g), carotene (3.6mg/100 g) and calcium (5.6% of drymaterial) and high content of oxalates (12% of dry material). Since it is high in oxalic acid so its use in gout, arthritis and similar conditions should be avoided.

Changeri dose for its fresh juice is 5-10 ml. Its juice or leaves paste can also be apply externally.

Latin: Oxalis corniculata Linn.
Family: Oxalidaceae
Sanskrit: Chaangeri, Amlapatrikaa, Amlikaa, Chukraa, Chukrikaa, Chhatraamlikaa
English: Indian Sorrel, Creeping Woodsorrel
Hindi: Amrul, Khatti booti, Tinpatiya, Changeri, Ambilosa
Bengali: Amrul
Gujarati: Ambolee, Changeri, Teen Panaki, Rukhadi
Kannada: Pullamouradi, Sivargee, Purachi Soppu
Malyalam.: Pulliparel
Marathi: Ambutee, Ambatee, Ambti, Bhui Sarpati
Punjabi: Khatkal, Khattibootee, Khatmittha
Tamil: Puliyarai
Telegu: Pulichinta
Urdu: Changeri, Teen Patiya
Unani: Ambutaa bhaaji, Amutaa saag
Siddha: Puliyarai.
Folk: Tinpatiyaa, Ambilonaa

Here are few remedies that can be done at home using Changeri or Indian Sorrel to cure various ailments

  • Indigestion and diarrhea in children

    Boil Indian Sorrel leaves juice with buttermilk and drink. For stomach problems extract leaves juice and take.

  • Chronic dysentery

    Mix Indian Sorrel leaves juice with honey and take.

  • Headache, Migraine

    Apply leaf paste on forehead to cure headache.

  • Rectum prolapse, uterus prolapse

    Take Changeri leaves and stem (5-10 gm), grind and add water, alum. Use this to wash affected area and aply inside ith help of cotton.

  • Wrinkles on the face

    Massage with Indian Sorrel leaves juice mixed in white Sandal powder.

  • Warts, red spots or other skin eruptions due to bile

    Mix Changeri leaves juice with pepper and ghee. Apply externally o affected areas.

  • Cut, Bleeding wounds, Eczema

    Apply its paste on the affected areas.

  • Gum problems, Oral infection

    Mix Indian Sorrel leaves juice with alum and use this for gargling.

  • Cough, Allergy, Sinusitis

    Extract Changeri leaves juice, dilute in water and put four drops in each nostril.

  • Low appetite, Blood purification

    Prepare chutney with mint and ginger and take to improve appetite.

  • Raktapradar, Overbleeding in women

    Mix Indian Sorrel leaves juice with honey and take.

  • Bleeding piles

    Take Changeri leaves juice powder (2 gm) twice a day.

  • Dhatura intoxication

    Extract and take fresh juice of Indian Sorrel.


  1. Is it shusni shak in bengali?is it effective on loose motion with blood?

    • in bengali know as Amrul, ye it is effective, Mix Indian Sorrel leaves juice with honey and take for 10~15 days

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