Khair(Acacia catechu) health benefits

Know what are health benefits and medicinal uses of Khair in Ayurveda. Learn some remedies of Khair to treat your health problems.

Catechu or Cutch tree(Khair) is a medium deciduous tree widely distributed in tropical countries and found throughout India. The parts of Khair or Khadira tree used for medicinal purpose are twig, bark and wood. It is used in preparation of Khadiraristha. Khair heartwood is boiled and processed to produce Kattha which is used in Paan.

Acacia catechu has powerful astringent and antioxidant properties.

  1. Latin Name: Acacia catechu
  2. Family: Mimosaceae
  3. Sanskrit: Gayatri
  4. Assamese: Kharira, Khara, Khayar
  5. Bengali: Khera, Khayera
  6. English: Black catechu, Cutch tree
  7. Guajarati: Khair, Kathe, Kher
  8. Hindi: Khair
  9. Kannada: Kaggali, Kaggalinara, Kachinamara, Koggigida
  10. Kashmiri: Kath
  11. Malayalam: Karingali
  12. Marathi: Khaira, Khair
  13. Oriya: Khaira
  14. Punjabi: Khair
  15. Tamil: Karungali, Karungkali
  16. Telugu: Chandra, Kaviri
  17. Urdu: Chanbe Kaath
  18. Unani: Safed Kattha

Acacia catechu medicinal uses in ayurveda

  • Cold and cough

    Prepare decoction of bark mixed with milk.

  • Piles

    Apply Katha lemon slice and taken regularly empty stomach.

  • Improving breast milk

    Prepare decoction of katha with ela and drink.

  • Mouth ulcers, boils, skin eruptions

    Apply katha on the affected areas.

  • Gum problems, Bleedibg gums, Spongy gums

    Mix Catechu, Alum (Phitkari) and myrrh (gum resin) and cloves (Laung) to make a tooth powder. Massage gums with this powder.

  • Colic

    Grind Catechu, Randia ulginosa and itrus medica. Mix in water and drink.

  • Diarrhoea

    MIx Catechu (1/4 teaspoonful) powder and Dalchini powder. Take with honey.

  • Dry cough

    Mix Catechu powder (1/8 teaspoonful), turmeric powder (1/8 teaspoonful). Take with honey.

  • Sore throat, Hoarseness of voice

    Chew Catechu to get relief from sore throat and loss of voice.

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