Bay Leaf (Tejpatta) Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits

Details of health benefits of bay leaf. Bay leaves has healing properties and very effective ayurvedic plant to treat various health problems.

Cinnamomum tamala (Talisha Pattri or Tejpatta) is a medium sized evergreen tree 2-10 m tall, found wild in the tropical and subtropical Himalayas at altitudes of 900-2500m, the Khasi hills, the nilgiri hills and at the foot of the Sikkim Himalayas.  Its mature leaves are dried and commonly known as bay leaves. These are aromatic and used as spice in cooking. In Ayurveda bay leaves are used as medicine to treat various health ailments.

bay leaf medicinal uses

General Information

Cinnamomum tamala leaves and bark have aromatic, astringent, stimulant and carminative qualities and used in rheumatism, colic, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.
Bay leaves has Carminative, antidiarrheal, spasmolytic, antirheumatic, hypoglycaemic activities.

The dose of bay leaves in powder form is 1-3 grams.

Common Names

  1. Latin name: Cinnamomum tamala Synonym Laurus tamala
  2. Family: Lauraceae
  3. Sanskrit: Tejapatra, Patra, Patraka, Utkat, Tamaalpatra, Naalukaa, Naalikaa
  4. Hindi: Tejpat
  5. English: Indian Cassia, Lignea,  Indian Cinnamon
  6. trade name: Tamalpatra
  7. Assamese: Tejpat, Mahpat
  8. Bengali: Tejpatra, Tejpata
  9. Gujrati: Tamala Patra, Develee
  10. Kannada: Tamalapatra, Dalchini Ele
  11. Kashmiri: Dalchini pan, Tajpatra
  12. Malayalam: Karuvapatta Patram
  13. Marathi: Tamalpatra
  14. Oriya: Tejapatra
  15. Punjabi: Tajpater
  16. Tamil: Lavangapatri
  17. Telugu: Akupatri
  18. Urdu: Tezpat
  19. Unani: Saleekhaa, Saazaj Hindi Also equated with Zarnab/Telispattar

Medicinal usage of Bay Leaf

Here are few remedies that can be done at home using bay leaves to cure various ailments

  • Cold, cough, Coryza, Allergy, SinusitisPrepare tea of Tejpatta (3-4), Tulsi leaves, Black pepper. Drink thrice a day. You may add honey as per taste.
  • Headache due to coldPrepare decoction of Tejpatta and drink few times a day.
  • Scalp infection, lice in hairsPrepare decoction by boiling Tejpatta (5 gm) in water (400 ml) till volume reduces to 100 ml. Filter and use this decoction, apply in roots of hair. Leave for 3 hours then wash with plain water. You may add Bringraj in it to make hair black and strong.
  • Khasi, CoughingTake powder of Tejpatta leaves (2 gm) with honey.
  • Asthma, Respiratory problemsTake Tejpatta (5 gm), liquorice (2 gm), pippali (1 gm) or sonth (1 gm). Prepare decoction in 200 ml water till volume reduces to 50 ml. Filter and drink.
  • Abdominal pain, Abdominal gas, Indigestion, Nausea, vomitingPrepare decoction by boiling Tejpatta (5 gm), ginger in water (400 ml) till volume reduces to 100 ml. Filter and drink twice or thrice a day.
  • Kidney stone, Kidney problemRegular intake of Bay leaves decoction prevents recurrent stone formation in the body.
  • Heart diseases, Angina, Uneasiness, PalpitationPrepare decoction by boiling Tejpatta (3 gm), Rose petals (3 gm), clove (3) in water (300 ml) till volume reduces to one forth. Filter and drink twice or thrice a day.
    Uterus infection after delivery
    Boil Tejpatta (3 gm), Ajwain, Sonth in water and drink twice a day.
  • Sneezing in morningRegularly drink Tejpat decoction.
  • Arthritis, Joint pain, Gout, InflammationWarm bay leaves and Castor leaves and apply at affected area.

Bay leaves tea Health Benefits

Ingredients of Bay leaves tea

Bay leaves (3), Tulsi leaves (8-10), Black pepper (2-3), Cinnamon, ginger juice (1/2 tsp) Honey or sugar

Recipe of Bay leaves tea

  • Take water (250 ml) in pan.
  • Bring it to boil.
  • Add all ingredients in this boiling water.
  • Cook for 10 minutes.
  • Filter and add honey or sugar.
  • Drink hot.

Benefits of Bay leaves tea

  1. Helps in curing respiratory infections
  2. Drink this tea to get relief from cold, cough, catrrh, coryza
  3. Good for the digestive system and heart
  4. Cures abdominal gas, pain, nausea

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