Loknath Ras Brihat

Loknath Ras Brihat/ Vrihat, is a Ayurvedic Ras Aushadhi. Mercury is known as Rasa in Ayurveda and medicines that are prepared using purified mercury, purified Sulphur, Bhasma, etc. are named as Ras Aushadhi (Mercurial Preparations). Para, Parad, Rasa or mercury is a heavy metal that remains liquid at room temperature. It is used in Ayurveda only after proper detoxification as per classical Ayurvedic texts. Parad is ingredient of numerous medicines due to its powerful medicinal properties. It balances Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Ras Aushadhi (Parad containing medicine) are fast acting. They nourishes the whole body and has Tonic, aphrodisiac, rejuvenative, anti-aging, wound-healer, and antimicrobial effect. The combination of mercury with other medicinal ingredients enhances the therapeutic efficacy of the medicine due to Yogvahi property of Parad. In preparation of Ras Aushadhi/medicine first Kajjali is made from purified Parad and Gandhak. As these medicines contain heavy metals, it is better to take them as prescription drugs.

Loknath Ras Vrihat is an excellent medicine for the liver and spleen diseases. It improves appetite, digestion and assimilation.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Ingredients of Loknath Rasa (Rasendrasar Sangraha, Pliha Chikitsa)

  1. Parada Shuddha 12 g
  2. Gandhaka Shuddha 12 g
  3. Abhraka Bhasma 12 g
  4. Loha Bhasma 24 g
  5. Tamara (Tamra) Bhasma 24 g
  6. Varatika (Kapardika) Bhasma 72 g
  7. Nagavalli rasa (Lf.) Q.S. (for mardana)

Method of Preparation

Drugs 1 to 6 are mixed well and mardana is done in Nagavalli Rasa and small chakrikas are prepared. These chakrikas are kept in sharava Samputa and Gajaputa is given. When cool, the chakrikas are powdered and bottled.

Key ingredients

The combination of detoxified Mercury (Parada) and Sulphur (Gandhaka) is known as Kajjali and extensively used in Ayurvedic therapeutics for a wide variety of ailments and conditions. Kajjali was firstly used and was given by Nagarjuna in 8th century. Chemically, it is Black Sulphide of Mercury.

Kajjali is a prime ingredient of the majority of Ras Aushadhies. It is Rasayana drug (rejuvenative). It cures many diseases by pacifying the tridoshas. Kajjali combined with other appropriate ingredients cures all types of diseases.

Lauha Bhasma, an iron-based herbo-metallic preparation. It mainly consists of Fe2O3 and Fe3O4. Lauha Bhasma is Vayasthapana (anti-aging), Lekhana (emaciating) and Rasayana (immunomodulator) properties. It increases strength, complexion and appetite. It cures diseases caused by vitiated Kapha and Pitta.

Lauha Bhasma is useful in anemia (Panduroga), chlorosis, general debility, sexual debility, Bright’s disease, Krimi Roga (worm infestation), Grahani (bowel syndrome), Agnimandya (dyspepsia), Shula (spasmodic pain), Visha (poisoning), blood impurity, jaundice, the liver and spleen complaints. It promotes digestion. Iron is useful in all chronic diseases.

Abhraka Bhasma is herbo-mineral preparation of mineral, mica. It consist iron as a major element and Calcium, potassium and Silicon in low concentrations. Abhraka Bhasma is widely used for the treatment of the liver dysfunction, sex debility, Kapha disorders, anemia and splenic diseases.

Tamra Bhasma is preparation of metal, copper. It is antioxidant, rejuvenator and aphrodisiac. It helps in wound healing, and alleviates Kapha and Pitta disorders.

Tamra Bhasma is indicated in Ascites, Inflammation, anemia, Vata disorders, Pitta, and Kapha disorders, cough, asthma, fever, splenic diseases, diseases of the liver and digestive disorders.

Kapardak Bhasma is a mineral drug of animal origin. It has antacid, alterative, diuretic, anti-diarrheic, digestive and expectorant properties.

It is used in the treatment of Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Abdominal Pain, Peptic Ulcer, Sprue Syndrome, Intestinal tuberculosis, Cataract, Otorrhea, Enlarged spleen, the liver, Asthma and Cough.

Uses of Loknath Rasa

  1. Yakrit-Pliha rog (Disease of the liver and spleen)
  2. Gulma (Abdominal lump), abdominal tumor
  3. Hepatosplenomegaly (enlargement of both the liver and the spleen)
  4. Shotha (Inflammation)
  5. Chronic fever
  6. Diarrhea

The Dosage of Loknath Rasa

125mg-250mg, twice a day with, honey + Pippali Churna/ Jaggery + Haritaki Churna/ Jaggery + Cumin powder, followed by Gomutra (50 ml). Or take as directed by a physician.

This medicine is manufactured by Baidyanath and Rasashram Pharma.

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