Danti haritaki lehyam

Danti haritaki is an Ayurvedic medicine. In Ayurvedic medicines, Avaleha or Leha is a semi-solid sweet preparation which is prepared with addition of jaggery, sugar, honey or sugar-candy and boiled with prescribed herb juice or decoction. They are also known as Modaka, Guda, Khanda, Rasayana, Leham, etc.

The principal ingredient in Danti haritaki is roots of Baliospermum montanum, fruits of Terminalia chebula and roots of Plumbago zeylanica. This medicine is good for the digestive system diseases and also acts as purgative that help to remove toxins from the body. It is also effective in curing skin diseases and malabsorption syndrome or grahani.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as indication/therapeutic uses, Key Ingredients and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Danti haritaki lehyam

Danti Mula roots of Baliospermum montanum (Rt.) 1.2 kg, Citraka Plumbago zeylanica (Rt.) 1.2 kg, Pathya ( Haritaki) (P.) 1.2 kg, Water for decoction 12.288 l. reduced to 1.536 liter Guda 1.2 kg, Taila (Tila) 192 gm, Trivrita Operculina turpethum (Rt.) 192 g, Pippali (Fr.) 24 g, Sonth Dry ginger (Rz.) 24 g, Madhu honney 192 gm, Tvak Dalchini (St.Bk.) 12 g, Ela Hari elaichi (Sd.) 12 g, Patra (Tejapatra) (Lf.) 12 g, Nagakeshara (Stmn.) 12 g

Uses of Danti haritaki lehyam

  • Grahani (Malabsorption syndrome)
  • Gulma (Abdominal lump), Tastelessness, Nausea
  • Distension of abdomen due to obstruction to passage of urine and stools), odema
  • Disease of the spleen, Kamala (Jaundice), Pandu (Anemia)
  • Visham jwar or Intermittent fever
  • Heart disease
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Diseases of abdomen
  • Diseases of the skin

The Dosage of Danti haritaki lehyam

12-24 grams with water or as directed by a physician.

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