Natural cure for bleeding gums

Know reasons of bleeding gums and some natural home remedies to prevent and treat bleeding gums. These are really effective and their is no side effects of this.

Bleeding gum is a common gum problem and occur due to many reasons such as brushing to hard, excessive plaque, infection, changes in hormones, vitamin k deficiency, etc. it is important to have good oral care regime and avoid accumulation of plaque that hardens to form tartar. The bacteria inside mouth grow on this and causes cavities and making gums swell, spongy and bled.

There are some natural home remedies that helps to give relief from bleeding gums and helps in the treatment for bleeding gums.

Natural Home Remedies For Bleeding Gum

  • Have good oral hygiene and have habit of floss. Use soft bristle tooth brush from good brand.
  • Gargle with warm water mix with salt to reduce swelling and bleeding.
  • In daily diet add 2gm of  garlic and one medium size  lemon because of their antioxidant property bleeding gums can be cured in month.
  • To stop bleeding from gums gargle with decoction of  henna leaves made in water. For making decoction boil some leaves of henna in water when water reduces to ¼ of initial amount drain the leaves and let it cool down and gargle.
  • Make powder of 250 gm bark of maulshree tree (Mimusops elengi) by drying it. Rub this powder on teeth twice a day.
  • Mix rock salt and  mustard oil and rub on gums to stop bleeding.
  • Make powder of alum 250 gm and golden geru 30 gm mix them and rub on gums.
  • Grind  lemon peel and using it as paste stops bleeding of gums.
  • Make a paste by grinding and mixing  akarkara(Anacyclus Pyrethrum),   radish seeds, aconite and alum each 5 gms. Apply this on gums.
  • Apply  rose petal mixed with salt.

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