BAN Crux Syrup For Allergic Cough

Cough is very common problem world wide. In general it can be caused by season change, allergy and viral infection. All types of cough can be treated with Ayurvedic medicines very effectively. Crux Cough Syrup is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine enriched with Tulsi, Mint, Navsar, Nilgiri Oil, Adusi and Yashtimadhu. It is safe in use as it is non-alcoholic, non-sedative and non-constipating.

Key Ingredients

Piparminta Sat, Navsar, Nilgiri Oil, Tulsi, Adusi, Yashtimadhu.


  • Non productive and Spasmodic Cough
  • Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Bronchitis, Tonsillitis, Laryngitis and Pharyngitis
  • Facilitates Expulsion of Sputum
  • Quietens Cough Reflex
  • Reduces Distressing Cough Symptoms
  • Safe for Paediatric use


Adults:2 teaspoonful three times a day
Children:Ā½ to 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day Or
As directed by the Physician.

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