Ayurvedic Remedies for controlling diabetes

For diabetes patient there are many restriction  when  it is about foods.  In Ayurveda Certain food items are completely banned to eat by diabetic.  But there are certain vegetables and fruits that can be taken by them and are very good for health. Some of these are listed below.

Lemon for Vitamin C:

Since in diabetes thirst increases so by adding lemon in water helps to quench thirst and also provides vitamin C.

Carrot and spinach for Vitamin A and Iron:

In diabetes the eye sight is also affected  so drinking juice of carrot spinach helps to improve eye sight and it is full of vitamin A and iron.


Using turnip helps in reducing glucose in blood so it should be eaten in the form of parathe, vegetable and salad.

Jamun for controlling diabetes:

Jamun is used in ayurveda for the treatment of diabetes. Its fruits as well as seeds are also used. Seeds should be collected and dried and then grind to form powder. Consumption of  3 gm powder for twice a day with water reduces sugar in urine.

Also take 250 grams of ripe Jamun fruit and boil in 500 ml of water for some time. When the decoction comes to normal temperature, crush the Jamun fruit and strain the with a piece of cloth. A dose of this decoction thrice a day is very beneficial in diabetes.

Roots of jamun trees are also used in diabetes. For this a mixture prepared from the clean Jamun roots (100 grams) grinded in 250 grams of water with 20 grams of Mishri and taken twice a day.

Karele or Bitter guard for reducing blood sugar level:

The bitter juice of this vegetable helps to reduce sugar. So its juice can be taken daily.

Methi dana or fenugreek seeds for controlling diabetes:

Dry methi dana  so that it can be powdered. Take 2 tbs powder empty stomach every morning with water.

Wheatgrass juice or gehu ke jaware:

this is also known as green blood and is 40 % similar to human blood. It has ability of blood  purification, anti inflammation, and curing diseases. Take half cup two time a day empty stomach.

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