Ayurvedic Medicines To Treat Appetite Loss

Ayurvedic medicines to treat appetite loss. Details of some natural herbal ayurvedic home remedies to treat appettite loss(Anorexia).

Appetite loss is referred as reduced hunger or reduced desire to eat. It is known as anorexia in medical term. There can be several reasons for appetite loss and most common is long term sever illness and diseases of stomach and psychological problems. In most of the cases Anorexia due to long term or sever illness will be cured automatically after a period of time but other may require a proper treatment. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine system there are many medicines which are very effective to treat appetite loss.

Causes of Appetite loss

There can be several factors which can cause anorexia which includes psychological, physical and due to medication. To treat anorexia in general we treat causes and after treatment of causes appetite return to normal.

Psychological factors like depression, anxiety, stress of work, excessive worry of failure in life can cause anorexia.

Any kind of bacterial/viral infections like stomach infection, cough, flu, etc.and their treatment can also cause appetite loss(can be recovered automatically after treatment).

Sever medical conditions like hepatitis, HIV, dementia, chronic the liver disease or kidney failure, heart failure, hypothyroidism, a condition where your thyroid is under-active also causes anorexia and should be treated with expert doctor and hospital.

Ayurvedic View of Appetite loss

In Ayurveda appetite loss is related with weak digestion and other stomach problems. Agnimandya is the term used to denote loss of appetite while Ajeerna denotes indigestion. A harmonious balance of Vata and Pitta holds the essence of a normal appetite. A vitiation in their mutual balance could lead to a loss of appetite.

Irregular eating habits bring about a vitiation in Pitta while psychic problems like anxiety, fear or physical causes like suppression of impeding urges lead to an imbalance in Vata. Both these sequences lead to disturbances in normal levels of appetite.

Ayurvedic Medicines to treat Appetite Loss

There are many medicines and tonic are available to treat appetite loss, you can consult some ayurvedic doctor to get best suitable medicine to treat your problem. Here are details of some good ayurvedic medicines to treat appetite loss.

1. Sitopaladi churna for common cold and cough : It is very good medicine to treat appetite-loss, cough, giving strength to the body, expectorant, supportive in allergic and viral respiratory infection, soothing effect in both dry and productive cough. It’s main ingredient is Pippali, Pippali is used extensively as a spice and for medicinal purposes. One can take it 3gm with honey or water 2 times a day or see the label of medicine packaging.

2. Draksharishta health benefits is Stimulant, Antipyretic And Diuretic.Indicatedin Bronchitis, Pulmonay Disease And Other Condition Indicated In Drakshava. The main ingredient of Draksharishta is draksha (dried fruits of grapes vine) . Its properties are similar to Drakshasav. It improves appetite, relieves constipation, provides strength, induces good sleep and relieves fatigue.It is indicated in general debility due to any reason. Take 12 – 24 ml. one or two times a day after the meal. You can mix equal quantity of water if required.

3. Dabur Pudin Hara for stomach disorders: It is a proprietary medicines from Dabur India which is used to treat indigestion, bloating stomach, nausea, etc. It is also used to improve appetite loss due to indigestion. This medicine come in the form of liquid and pearls. Pudin Hara is completely natural and safe and reinforced with the extra goodness of mint (pudina) for instant action against conditions of flatulence Pudin Hara Pearls are made from Pudina Satva (a blend of mint oils). The Dosage of pudin hara is Children – 8 drops to 1/4 teaspoon in water (10 tbsp). Adult -1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in water (10 tbsp). Swallow 1-2 pill with water as per requirement.

4. Lasunadi vati health benefits  is ayurvedic tablets to treat Diarrhoea and vomiting, gases, griping pain, Acid Eructations, Loss of appetite and indigestion. Key ingredient of this medicine is Garlic which is very great herb to cure stomach problems. One can take1 to 2 tablets in the morning and evening or as directed by the Physician.

5. Limiron Granules For Anemia is very famous health tonic which Promotes vitality & strength, Improves diegetic powers, overcomes debility by improving appetite. This medicine is enriched with Iron and micro-nutrients for producing RBC, body resistance & muscular strength. The Dosage of limiron Adults:1 teaspoonful twice daily Children:1/2 teaspoonful twice daily.

6. Efiplus Capsule for Anemia is very good health tonic for anemia and anemia can cause appetite loss, so to treat appetite loss due to iron deficiency anemia use efiplus. It provides a rich natural source of iron. Unlike other haematinics, gastric irritation and other gastro-intestinal disturbances are less with Efiplus. Take one capsule twice daily or as directed by the Physician.

7. Feroliv Forte Capsule is one of the best Ayurvedic formulation to treat iron deficiency anemia. It improves RBC count and appetite. It has Unique combination of Naturally treated iron complex, Liver stimulant and Natural Vitamin C, Which not only increase Hb level but also improves Reticulo Endothelial System.

Ayurvedic Natural Home remedies to treat appetite loss

Fresh ginger and lemon is available in every home and these are very good appetizer. Make mixture of ¼ teaspoon of ginger juice, ¼ teaspoon of lime juice and a pinch of rock salt. Take this preparation 15 minutes before the meals, twice a day.

Clean and healthy mouth can also improve appetite as it helps taste receptors work properly. Clean the tongue after brushing the teeth. This removes the mucus and helps the taste receptors work properly.

Make a powder of dried ginger root, black pepper, long pepper, celery seeds, cumin seeds, and rock salt in equal quantities. Store it in an airtight container. Take 1 teaspoon with the first bite of food at a meal, twice a day.

Indian goose berry(Amla) is one of the most useful fruit is Ayurveda to treat various health problems. It can restore appetite and improve digestion. Take equal quantities of amla powder, clarified butter and honey. Take this paste prior to meals to improve the appetite.

Drink daily Holy Basil(Tulasi) Tea to enhance you appetite appetite. It has several numerous health benefits.

Extract about a cup of pomegranate seed juice. Add a pinch of rock salt and a spoonful of honey. Taking this solution slowly removes the bad taste from the mouth and increases your appetite.

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