Ayurveda: Vicco Vajradanti Sugar Free Tooth Paste

Vicco Vajradanti Sugar Free Tooth and pure vegetarian tooth Paste is unique ayurvedic Medicine for Gums and Teeth.

Vicco Vajradanti Sugar Free is used in hardening of gums and teeth, cleaning and healing of wounds, tooth caries and inflammation of gums.

It is also used on toothache and in the treatment of disorders of gums and teeth like tooth decay, pyorrhea, swollen gums, bleeding gums and other periodontal disorders.

After brushing, gently massage the gums and teeth with Vicco Vajradanti Powder for better results.

Each 5g Vicco Vajradanti Sugar Free Tooth Paste Contains the Extracts of:

Babhul 90mg, Bor 50mg, Akkal Kadha 13g, Jambhul 50mg, Vajradanti 25mg, Bakul 160mg, Lavang 3mg, Acrod 3mg, Jeshthamadh 65mg, Manjishtha 130mg, Khair 82mg, Kabab-Chini(Chirfal) 97mg, Dalchini 8mg Patang 120mg, Anant Mul 20mg, Ajwan 1mg, Maifal 3mg, Trifala 80mg & Excipients q.s.

Vicco is not tested on animal.

No animal ingredients.

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