Ayurveda: VICCO turmeric skin cream

VICCO turmeric skin cream is ayurvedic medicine that contain turmeric which is known for curing many skin problems such as pimple, blemish, cuts and other skin disorders. Vicco Turmeric cream is an all purpose protective and emollient skin cream.

Ingredients as on package:

– Extracts of Turmeric 16% w/w

– Sandalwood oil 0.5% w/w

– Excipients qs

(In non greasy base)

VICCO turmeric skin cream used for (as on package)

Rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin from within, leaving it soft, supple, and young-looking.

– Prevent skin infections

– Cure skin infections

– Cures inflammation

– Treat skin cracks, cuts and peeling of skin

– Removes spots and blemishes

– Soothes boils, acne, pimples

Improves skin tone by removing blemishes and spots and give fair complexion

Manufactured by VICCO laboratories(Goa)

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