Ayurveda: Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder

Vicco Vajradanti tooth powder is ayurvedic tooth powder which contain pure extracts of 20 herbs and barks that cleans and protects and strengthens teeth.

Massaging with tooth powder after cleaning teeth helps to strengthens the gums by allowing the essences from 20 rich herbs to percolate down the gum layers.


Each gram of Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder contains:

Babhul 0.06, Jambhul 0.05g, Lavang 0.005g, Manjishtha 0.06g, Dalchini 0.002g, Bor 0.02g, Vajradanti 0.04g, Acrod 0.003g, Khair 0.02g, Patang 0.02g, Akkal Kadha 0.01g, Bakul 0.22g, Jeshthamadh 0.016g, Kabab-Chini 0.06g, Anant Mul 0.01g, Ajwan 0.005g, Maifal 0.01g , Trifala (Amla, Harda, Behada) 0.04g, Alum 0.03g, Exciplients: Sugar 0.06g, Flavor q.s., Salt q.s

Used for

– Clean teeth

– Strenthen gums

– Remove yellow stains

– Purify the mouth and breath

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