Ayurveda is effective in curing Ringworm (Dermatophytosis)

Learn what is ringworm and how to cure it at home using Ayurvedic herbal home remedies. You can also get Ayurvedic anti-fungal cream from medical shop to treat ringworm fast.

Ringworm is a skin infection caused by fungal. Some of these fungi produce circular spots on the skin, but many do not produce. This disease can occur in any age group but very common in children’s and sport persons. There are many local names for this disease.

Ringworm ayurvedic medicines

Causes of Ringworm

Cause of this fungi growth is moist, warm area and fold of the skin. This very common in (Monsoon) in Indian, As this is caused by fungi this can be easily transmitted from one person to another.

Prevention of Ringworm

For prevention, avoid sharing you bath robs, cloths and apply talcum between your skin folds and try to wear cotton cloths which can keep moisture away from your skin.

Treatment of ringworm

  1. I can remember when i was living in village, it is very common infection for those who are playing sports. For treating this we are using pealed garlic cloves. First clean affected area and rub garlic on the affected area for 4-5 day. This will cure your fungal infection as garlic contains Ajoene compond, which has broad-spectrum antimicrobial (antibacterial and antifungal) properties which is antibacterial and anti fungal.
  2. Apply raw papaya fluid(White color latex fluid), this will remove fungi.
  3. You can use Tulasi leaves juice. Apply paste of tulasi( Basil ) leaves on the affected areas, it will be very helpful.
  4. Try to increase your immune system by in taking green vegetables and fruits. You can eat raw garlic cloves, raw tulasi leaves, raw papaya to increase your body resistance against bacteria and fungi.

There are many ayurvedic pharmacy companies making and selling these products.You can use any Ayurvedic medicines to cure ringworm.

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