Ayurveda : Digestive Tablets (Funki or Pachak)

Indigestion is very common problem, for treating indigestion ayurveda  provides very effective medicine. I am wring that formula here which is referenced from Akhand Jyoti magazine. You can make it at home very easily.


  1. Laghu Haritika (small Harad or Terminalia Chebula) 125gm
  2. Hing (asafetida) 2gm
  3. Black Pepper 10gm
  4. Jira (Cumin)  20gm
  5. Black Salt 40gm
  6. Sendha Namak 20gm
  7. Edible Soda 10gm
  8. Amchoora (Dried mango Powder) 100gm
  9. Tartaric Acid 5gm
  10. Sugar 150gm
  11. Mulethi (Madhuyeshti) 25gm
  12. Camphor essence 2gm
  13. Saunf (Fennel seeds) 20gm
  14. Anardana (Wild pomegranate seeds) 75gm


Mix above given herbs, minerals and grind them very fine. After grinding, filter powder with file clean cotton cloth. Now you can make pills or capsules each of 0.5 gm quantity.

For making pills make paste by adding appropriate amount of water make pills and dry them and store them in airtight jar and keep away jar from moisture and heat.

If someone have some digestion problem then he/she can take one or 2 tablets with 250 ml lukewarm water. These pills are very testy, sweet, salty and soar.  It is very helpful in indigestion and give relief instantly.  

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