Ayurveda: Chyawan-vit for diabetic people

Chyawan-vit  is a sugar free chyawanpras made by special formula. This chyawanpras is suitable for diabetic people as well as for people who don?t want to consume more calorie.

Due to diabetes body immunity and working power is reduced which result diseases like cough, cold, diabetic neuropathy( like numbness), diabetic retinopathy etc. For these diseases Baidyanath has created chyawan-vit. By using this you can actually control sugar level and cholesterol level.

Chyawan-vit is made from different herbs like Awala, ashagandha, dashmool, pushkarmool, guduchi, wasa etc. This also works as anti aging supplement also.

Nutrition Chart From Natural Sources

Vitamin C
Niacinamide ( B-Complex Group )

How to use?

2 spoon 2 times a day in morning and evening with Luke warm eater or cream less milk or consult your physician.

baidyanath-chyawan-vit sugarfree-chyawanprash

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