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Tamra Sindoor Uses, Ingredients & Dosage

Tamra Sindoor is combination of mercury-sulphur with copper. It is hot in potency. It works effectively on diseases that are caused due to vitiation of blood and diseases of liver and spleen.

Mahua (Madhuca indica) Details and Medicinal Uses

Various parts of Mahua tree are used for treatment of variety of diseases. In preparation of Ayurvedic alcoholic medicines the flowers are used as fermenting agent. Some of the important Ayurvedic formulations containing Mahua as an ingredient are Madhukasava, Drakashdi Kvatha churna, Eladi Modaka etc.

Taal Sindoor Uses, Ingredients & Dosage

Taal Sindur has blood purifying, antimicrobial activity, antiseptic, and kustha-har properties. This medicine is useful in various infectious conditions like skin problems (Kushtahara) etc.

Kupipakwa Rasayana

In Ayurveda, some medicines of inorganic origin (mineral and metallic) are prepared using a special method, Kupi-pakva. Medicines prepared using this process are known as Kupipakwa Rasayan.

Ashtmurti Rasayan Uses, Ingredients & Dosage

Ashtamurti Rasayana is used in treatment of wide variety of diseases. It is a tonic that is used in chronic fever, fever due to various reasons, obstruction to passage of urine, epilepsy etc.

Abhragarbha Pottali Uses, Ingredients & Dosage

Abhragarbha Pottali is indicated in wide range of respiratory disorders, cold, cough, respiratory disorders, tuberculosis, chronic fever (unknown cause), complications associated with pregnancy etc.