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Dhootapapeshwar Hrudroga Chintamani Rasa

Dhootapapeshwar Hrudroga Chintamani Rasa is indicated in pain in chest, weakness of heart muscles, difficult or laboured breathing on exertion, weakness of pulse, sandhigata vata, general oedema etc.

Trailokya Chintamani Ras

Trailokya Chintamani Ras gives strength to heart, improves general health and digestion, and shows good results in diseases due to Kapha/ kapha-vata.

Dhootapapeshwar Madhumeha Kusumakar Rasa

Madhumeha Kusumakar Rasa is indicated in Madhumeha or Diabetes and its complications such as non-healing wounds, diseases of eyes due to diabetes, polyuria, weakness of nerves, weakness of heart, general debility, lethargy and other symptoms.

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras

Laghu Sutshekhar is indicated in migraine, indigestion, gastritis, amla-pitta diseases and various disorders that occur due to vitiation of pitta dosha. Amla-pitta is condition of hyperacidity or excessive formation of acids in stomach due to which there is burning sensation in heart and throat.

Medicinal Uses of Betel Leaf(Paan)

The roots, leaves, and fruits of Piper betle or Paan are carminative, stimulant, antiseptic and used for the treatment of malaria. Betel leaf has antiseptic, analgesic, antibacterial, anti-lactagogue (reducing breast milk), antioxidant, antispasmodic, cardiotonic, carminative, expectorant, litholytic, tonic and contraceptive properties

Dhootapapeshwar Rasarajeshwar Ras

This medicine is indicated in diseases related to vertebral column and nervous system such as cervical spondylitis, lumbar spondylitis, sciatica, severe joint pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis etc.

Sharbat Sandal Health Benefits

Sandal Sharbat has medicinal properties of sandal. It is cooling and refreshing in action. It is useful in heart palpitations and works as heart and liver tonic.

Medicinal Tree Sandal/Chandan

In Ayurveda, sandal wood is used to treat gastric irritability, dysentery, gonorrhoea, urethral, bronchial and skin disorders. In Unani system of medicine the tree is used internally and externally to treat disorders related to heart, brain, liver, stomach and skin.