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Mukta Panchamrit Ras Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage

This medicine is indicated in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis or a similar progressive wasting disease, in initial stages. It is a useful medicine for treating chronic fever, chronic diarrhoea, piles etc.

Efiplus Capsule for Anemia

Each Efiplus provides 50 mg of elemental iron and the recommended therapeutic dose corresponds to approximately 100 mg of elemental iron per day.

Feroliv Forte Capsule

Feroliv Forte is Ayurvedic heamatinic with natural vitamin C to treat Iron Deficiency anaemia and debility.

Limiron Granules For Anaemia

Limiron is chocolate flavoured granules for drink, it is rich in Calcium, Iron & micro nutrients having anabolic properties. It is very good Ayurvedic tonic for anaemia.

Amla Murabba Health benefits

Amla murabba is useful in constipation, piles, physical weakness, mental weakness, poor eyesight, poor memory, nasal bleeding, hair problems, and during pregnancy.

Harar Murabba a Great Health Tonic

Harar murabba is an antioxidant that improves body immunity to fight infection. It is also useful in headaches, hair greying, dyspepsia, piles and many digestive system diseases (indigestion, low appetite).

Best Amebiasis Ayurvedic Medicines

In Ayurveda there are many herbs and herbal and poly herbal medicines which are very effective to treat amebiasis. List of some good medicine to treat amoebiasis.