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Gum Tone Gel

Gum Tone is an herbal gel from Charak Pharma Pvt.Ltd. It is indicated in gum problems, bad breath, and prevention of cavities.

Medicinal Plant Gurmar(Gymnema) Details

Gurmar or G. sylvestre is extensively used in making of Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of diabetes. There are about fifty five patents of Gymnema Sylvestre mainly on diabetes.

You will be amazed after knowing medicinal uses Guar Gum

Guar gum has wide variety of uses including medicinal. It is used as an emulsifier, thickener, stabilizer in food industry. Guar gum is used in bakery for increasing the dough volume and shelf life, thickening, as a stabiliser, and preventing loss of moisture.

Bitter gourd(Karela) leaves Medicinal uses

Bitter gourd leaves contain many bioactive constituents and are full of medicinal properties. The leaves are used for treatment of wide variety of ailments such as diabetes, dysentery, rheumatism and gout, viral diseases, respiratory ailments etc.

Eranda Paka Uses, Ingredients & Dosage

Eranda Paka has anti-inflammatory properties and indicated in Amavata or Rheumatism, Stiffness in lumbo-sacral region, Stiffness and Tightness in the chest and Lock jaw.

Ayurvedic Medicinal Herb Agnimantha

Agnimantha roots are used in treatment of variety of diseases such as inflammation, jaundice, pile, constipation, impaired digestion, gulma, painful urination and retention of urine.

Opium(Ahiphena) Detailed Information

In Ayurveda, opium is known as Ahiphena. Ahiphena or opium is used for preparation of medicine only after proper purification. This is done by rubbing or processing opium with fresh ginger juice 21 times (Bhavprakash Nighantu). Two important Ayurvedic medicines containing opium extract are Ahiphenasava and Karpura Rasa.