Fruits Juices and Health Effects

A habit of eating fruit is very healthy. Fruit provides important nutrients that are very helpful in overall health. But it is seen that people are preferring to market available health juices or overeating fruits.

It is seen that people prefer health juices more convenient, delicious, and nutritious way than eating fruits. They are considered to be healthier by common people. The American Academy of Paediatrics and the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) agree that, while people should aim to eat whole fruit first, moderate consumption of 100% fruit juice can be part of a healthy diet and can help people meet their daily goals for fruit intake. But it is also said that fruit juices, along with fresh fruit is more healthy food and provide good nutrition.

It is seen through research that people should limit consumption of foods that contain added sugars, as well as foods containing solid fats and sodium. Some companies of fruit juices say that it contains 100% fruit juices. It is also said that no sugar has been added.

In India, in-home juice consumption has increased from 30 to 80% in the last 3 years.  The Indian fruit drink market is estimated to be 1200 crores.  The commonly available brands in the Indian market are Dabur (Coolers and Real), Pepsi (Tropicana, Tropics, Slice), Coca Cola (Maaza), Mother Dairy (Safal), and Godrej (Xs range). These are marketed in different flavors: orange, mango, pineapple, lichi, apple, grape, etc, and include fruit juices, fruit drinks, and nectars.

Sugary drinks are not required for good health and they may pose threat. It can cause health problems if drunk in large amounts. It is said that instead of drinking juices drink plenty of water.

Drinks that contain added sugar include soft drinks, fruit drinks, flavored mineral waters, energy, and sports drinks. When these kinds of soft drinks are consumed they only provide additional energy to the diet, but they don’t give essential nutrients like protein, minerals, vitamins, or dietary fiber.

The addition of extra calories causes excess weight gain in children and adults. It causes reduced bone strength. It weakens teeth and causes tooth decay.

Why it is necessary to limit artificially sweetened soft drinks?

It is seen that some soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners instead of added sugar. Artificially sweetened drinks contain very little energy to the body. It doesn’t cause obesity. But it is associated with a very bad habit of “addiction”. A person makes a habit of drinking sweet drinks. It later on causes decreased bone density.
Other bad effects of drinking soft drinks:

These drinks are acidic in nature. Frequent consumption can cause the destruction of bone.

Juices devoid of fiber. It is seen through research that most of the sugar in fruit is fructose, which is processed by the liver. But fructose in sugar is in a very small amount. Also, fruit contains fiber. So it is healthy. Fibre protects us against the effects of fructose by slowing its absorption and also makes us feel full.

But in fruit juices, when we drink fructose in liquid form, then our liver doesn’t function properly. So it causes various health problems like obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and increased fat production. It also causes fatty liver.

It is seen through research that fructose only fools our brains. Our brains think that we are still hungry. So, a person overeats. Fruit juices also contain addictive which makes a person crave more. It is said that Even unsweetened fruit juice and smoothies are sugary.

Fruit juices can be store for up to one year. It contains preservatives. Besides this, it involves heat treatment which also leads to loss of vitamins.

Sometimes packed juices contain poor-quality fruits.

Juice with the label ‘no preservatives’ are the ones from which oxygen is removed. This process is called de oxygen. Removing oxygen from fruits and vegetables deteriorate their quality.

Artificial flavor and color are bad for health.

Juice with the label ‘no preservatives’ are the ones from which oxygen is removed. This process is called de oxygen. Removing oxygen from fruits and vegetables deteriorate their quality.

One glass of apple juice contains 120 calories while 1 raw apple contains only 78 calories.

Packed juice contains simple carbs which only increases our blood glucose level. The juice packs saying 100 percent fruit juices have only 25 percent fruit content in them.

At times unpasteurized fruit juice contains pathogens, or biological agents, responsible for illnesses and deaths include bacteria (viral and parasitic groups) as well as metal contaminants. It contains E.Coli, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, and norovirus.

It can cause kidney damage, hepatitis and liver damage, HIV, and cancer.

Is seen in a survey of infant feeding in Asian families in England showed that at 5 months of age, 75% of Pakistani and White mothers, 63% of Indian mothers, and 61% of Bangladeshi mothers were giving fruit juices as a source of nonmilk drink.

The calcium in these juices is not equal to that of milk. The iron content of juices is not satisfactory. High vitamin C in them promotes iron absorption but polyphenolic compounds in certain juices inhibit iron absorption. High vitamin C in them promotes iron absorption but polyphenolic compounds in certain juices inhibit iron absorption.

How fruit juices can be made healthier?

  • Making juice at home is healthier than going for readymade.
  • As in homemade juice, we can control ingredients it is considered healthier.
  • While making juices, blending is better than juice, as it contains pulp and skin.
  • Mix juice with vegetables.
  • Add the juice of half a lemon. This will mask the taste of vegetables and make the juice taste sweeter.
  • Add fats, such as chopped walnuts or flaxseeds, to slow the absorption of the sugars.

 Encourage children to eat whole fruits. Do not feed fruit juices to infants below 6 months. Fruit juices or drinks should not replace milk in the diet.

How to protect teeth?

Always Pick apple or berry juice over citrus, which is worse for teeth and more likely to erode enamel than other juices.

Fruit juice softens tooth enamel. So, wait one hour after drinking before brushing your teeth. This will give the enamel time to harden.

Never drink juice from the bottle, or give juice to small children in bottles, as this bathe the teeth in juice and increases the chances of damage.

  • Drink fruit juice heavily diluted with water.
  • Drink plenty of water instead of sugary drinks.
  • Drinks that contain added sugars are not required for good health.

Some Advice

  • If a person is looking for an energy boost during or after exercise, then he must take some fruit instead of juice.
  • Include pears, bananas, plum, yogurt, or unsalted nuts in breakfast to stay healthy.
  • It is seen that fruit juice is different from fruit. The juice is absorbed by the body very fast and people soon feel hungry.
  • If it is difficult for a person to quit drinking fruit juices, it is said that they can dilute it and then drink.

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