Selenium Sulfide for dandruff

Selenium sulfide lotion is a medicine used to treat flecking and itching skin due to fungal infections(communally known as dandruff). This medicine can be used to treat other skin infections but should be used as per doctor prescription. This medicine comes in the form of lotion and shampoo.

How to use selenium sulfide for dandruff treatment?

  • Wash your scalp with this shampoo twice in a week for first 2~3 weeks after that once in a week is sufficient for most of the people. You can use twice in a week for longer time if your skin is not responding quickly and it will be better if you consult a doctor.
  • First wash your scalp with normal shampoo and rinse with fresh water. Then take 5~10 ml lotion(shake well lotion) and gently massage on your wet scalp and leave it for 2~3 minutes. After 2~3 minutes rinse your scalp with water thoroughly. If  your scalp is not clear then do it again, apply lotion on your scalp and wait for 2~3 minutes then wash with clean water.
  • If there is no dandruff then stop using it.

Precautions to be taken

  • Remove all jewellery and keep them outside bathroom, because sulfide gas will react with metal and jewellery will turn down black.
  • Do not  let is go inside eyes, if happens then wash your eye with clean water for several minutes.
  • Do no use this without medical supervision to 0~2 year old children.
  • Wash you have carefully after using this.
  • Keep this out from reach of children and tightly closed cap.

Side effects

This may cause oiliness or dryness of hair, scalp hair loss(temporary as hair will regrow) and hair discoloration and other allergy like skin irritation to some people. If side effects are serious then you should take help of doctor and stop using this.

There are many companies which are making Selenium sulfide lotion and shampoo like Abbott, Head and Shoulders® Intensive Treatment Dandruff Shampoo, Selsun and many.

This medicine is excellent for all kind of scalp dandruffs.

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