Baby Acne Treatment

Baby acne is very common thing. It can appear by birth or after some time of birth. It looks like acne in teenagers. It can appear anywhere on skin but mostly appears on Forehead, chick, nose and some time on neck chest area.

Reason of baby acne:

There is no known reason for this but it may be due to hormones developed in mother during pregnancy. This is very common in infants who are on mother feeding.

Most of the baby acne is away by itself in weeks and do not need any treatment. It is advised that never use any over the counter medic to treat acne. Do not squeeze or clean excessively baby skin.

If acne is not disappears itself in few weeks(2-3 months) and are appearing very heavily then you should consult your paediatric and dermatologist.

In general it do not require any treatment or special care.

Some Home remedies for a baby acne:

Wash baby face with mild soap and water twice daily.

Apply lemon juice and Honey mixture on the affected skin and clean this after 30 min using fresh water.

Apply breast milk twice daily on the affected skin.

Do not use greasy oil and lotion.

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