Angular cheilitis treatment

Angular cheilitis is a health condition which occurs generally on corners of mouth. Generally this occurs on both side of lip joints. In this condition deep cracks or splits occurs with white color. Some time this may cause bleeding and pain.

Reason of cheilitis:

Main reason of cheilitis is Nutritional deficiency, some time due to fungal infection and some time due to bacterial infection. Bacterial infection is less common.

Cheilitis due to Nutritional deficiency is caused by deficiency of Vitamin B complex, iron deficiency.

Treatment of Cheilitis:

Treatment of Cheilitis depends upon cause of Cheilitis. If it is due to nutritional deficiency then this can be cured by taking proper diet to overcome nutritional deficiency like high iron foods, intake of Vitamin B and C foods. If it is due to any infection then treatment can be done by using some antibacterial or antifungal treatment.

Vitamin B complex deficiency can be cured by drinking adequate amount of water or one can take B-Complex medicine.

As per my experience most people suffer this condition due to deficiency of Iron and Vitamin B. So one should take proper diet and drink adequate amount of water. These deficiency is also caused for worms/parasites  in stomach so you should make sure that you are not a host of stomach worms and parasites.

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