Suthol Antiseptic Spray Shower

Know what is Suthol Antiseptic Spray Shower used to treat prickly heat, rashes & itches, skin irritations and underarm itch.

Suthol is another antiseptic skin product from Boroline. This product is liquid shower based especially created for the skin infection prevention and treatment in summers. Specially this product is for the skin problems like prickly heat, rashes & itches, skin irritations and underarm itch.

Apart from this you can use Suthol as aftershave, sanitizer and helps cure cuts, minor burns & insect bite irritations.

This product has no side effect as it is very mild.


  • Cetrimide is a quaternary ammonium disinfectant and cationic surfactant
  • Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that is active against Gram positive and Gram negative organisms. Chlorhexidine solutions leave a residue on the skin which gives a persistent anti bacterial effect lasting 1 or 2 days. Its actions are not affected by blood, pus or soap.

Uses of Suthol:

  • In summers use Suthol spray on body after bath on the affected area
  • Use on arm pits as deodorant
  • On cut and wounds apply suthol using cotton to clean affected area and then put some cotton with suthol on cuts and fix them with tape
  • Suthol has a preventive effect on skin rashes. For prickly heat prone or pimple prone skin, go on applying Suthol on the area as a preventive measure.
  • You can also use suthol as body freshener, for this you can put some suthol in water and use that water after taking bath to refresh your body.

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