Gas-O-Fast Information, Composition, Warning and More

Acidity can be treated with this medicine without any side effects. Gas-O-Fast is very good medicine to treat acidity. Know how to use this medicine.

Mankind Gas-O-Fast sachet contains Ayurvedic salt of Sodium Bicarbonate (Svarjiksara) and Citric Acid (Nimbukamlam).  It is used to get relief from heartburn, hyperacidity and gas. Gas-O-Fast sachet is available in Guava, Orange, Cola, Jaljeera, Lemon and Regular flavours. An extension of the same category, The Gas-O-Fast Plus tablet contains digestive enzymes that help in treating indigestion, gas and hyperacidity.

This is a OTC medicine and very easily available in general stores and medicine shops. Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

  • Brand: Mankind Pharma Ltd. (MANKIND)
  • Availability:  Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Medicine
  • Main Indication: Heartburn, hyperacidity and gas
  • Suitable for: For person above the age of 12 years

Price: Rs 6.00

Ingredients of Gasofast

Each 5 gram sachet contains

  1. Svarjiksara Shuddha 2.66 grams
  2. Nimbukamlam Shushkam 2.02 grams

Contains permitted sweeteners, Saccharin Sodium 10mg/5g, Fructose, Permitted color, Permitted flavour

What is Svarjiksara?

Svarjiksara is impure Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3.  It is a salt composed of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions.  It is a weak base and is commonly known as baking soda. When combined with some acid such as citric acid/lemon juice, it gives carbon dioxide gas.

Sodium bicarbonate is a systemic alkalinizing agent which increases the pH of blood. It is commonly used Antacid to relieve the symptoms of heartburn and acid indigestion.

Sodium bicarbonate is contraindicated certain conditions such as renal failure, respiratory or metabolic alkalosis, hypoventilation, hypernatraemia, hypertension, oedema, congestive heart failure, eclampsia, aldosteronism, a history of the urinary stones and consistent potassium depletion or hypocalcemia.

It is also generally contraindicated in patients with excessive chloride loss from vomiting or continuous GI suctioning, and in patients at risk of developing diuretic induced hypochloraemic alkalosis.

Sodium bicarbonate is kept under pregnancy category C by the FDA. There are no animal or human reproductive data. Some experts consider the use of sodium bicarbonate as an antacid during human pregnancy to be relatively contraindicated because of the availability of preferable therapeutic agents. Prolonged use may cause Metabolic alkalosis and/or hypokalaemia.

The maximum dosage of Sodium bicabonate is 15 grams for people below the age of 60 and 8 grams for above the age of 60.

What is Nimbukamlam Shushkam?

Nimbukamlam Shushkam is citric acid anhydrous. It is used organic acid and pH-control agent.

Sodium Bicarbonate and citric acid react with each other to produce carbonic acid. Carbonic acid decomposes producing water and carbon dioxide which in turn help to neutralize stomach acid.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Gasofast

Gasofast is taken for Heartburn, hyperacidity and gas. Its ingredients dissolve quickly to create an effervescent solution which neutralizes stomach acid on contact. It does not prevent acidity but gives relief in symptoms of acidity.

  1. Acidity
  2. Bloating
  3. Gas
  4. Gastric discomfort
  5. Heart burn
  6. Indigestion
  7. Nausea

The Dosage of Gasofast

  1. Take 5 grams or one sachet.
  2. Dissolve in a glass of cold water and drink immediately.
  3. If necessary, repeat in 2-3 hours.

Do not take more than 3 sachets in 24 hours or one day.

Suggestions, Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects, and Warnings

  1. Store in cool and dark place, away from moisture.
  2. It does not contain any fruit or fruit extract.
  3. It contains sodium. Do not take, if on a restricted sodium diet.
  4. It may cause fluid retention.
  5. Do not take in case of the liver, heart, or kidney problems.
  6. Do not take in the high blood pressure.
  7. Do not take in case of heart problems.
  8. Do not take for more than 14 days continuously.
  9. If your symptoms persist or worsen, please consult your doctor.
  10. Take other medicines (if any) at different timings.
  11. Do not take, when the content of pack is solidified.


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