Recipe: Sem Ka Bharta Or Broad Beans Ka Bharta


Recipe for making Sem Ka Bharta Or Broad Beans Ka Bharta.


– 500 gm Sem(Broad Bean)

– 2 Medium boiled Potatoes

– 2 Chilies

– 3 Garlic cloves

– 3 table spoon oil

– Salt As per taste


1. Boil sem  by putting it in pressure cooker at full flame . When pressure cooker blow whistle low the flame and cook for further 5 mins.

2. Take boiled sem  and boiled potatoes and mash them together. Add  chopped garlic cloves and salt  to it.

3. Heat oil in pan and  add chopped chili in it. Now add mixture to it and cook for 2 mins. Tasty bharta is ready.

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