How to know your prescribed Medicine alternatives

Some time prescribed medicine is either not available or it is very costly so you can take alternate medicine of other brand by using these sources.

Many time when you are visiting a doctor in a clinic or hospital, your doctor prescribes you some medicine which you are suppose to buy from some medical store(pharmacy store). But after going to a store you come to now that prescribed medicine is either not available or it is very costly.

Now days many medicine manufacturing companies are making same medicines under different brand name with slight different formula or same formula(compound)  but their pricing is different and availability also varies from locality to locality.

To avoid this problem Indian GOV has given guidelines for doctors to write medicine chemical formula in their prescription and medical store pharmacist also knows all chemical formula of medicines.

If you are not able to get prescribed medicine in a store or that medicine is too costly then you can ask  for alternative for a prescribed medicine to store pharmacist, and if your doctor has written  medicine chemical formula then you can go for your best budget brand of medicine.

Now is providing free service to know your prescribed medicine alternative and other details online and you can also get these information using free sms service.

For using sms service you have to send one sms on 9243342000.

MSG syntax is 

.mgi <complete medicine name> <atl/pri/man>

alt for Alternative

pri for price

man for manufacturer 

Example if medicine name is domstal (30 ml) then you have to send this text SMS

.mgi domstal (30 ml) alt

Send it to 9243342000 and response will be as given below

Requested drug is domstal (30 ml). Following alternaitives found : Endopace (1 mg), Normetic (30 ml), Emestal (1 mg), Tridom (30 ml), Vomsel, Vimistal, Prodom (30 ml), Motiwin (1 mg), Enteridone (30 ml), Dompon (30 ml). 54 more alternatives found. For More information please visit .

SMS to 9243342000.

Use this service to avoid inconvenience and spending extra money.

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