Health: Body Piercing Precautions

Body piercing is puncturing done by needle in body to wear jewelry. Traditionally it is done for earlobes and nose but nowadays it is very common for eyebrows, bellybutton, lips and tongue. It is a fashion statement for young generation. Many times they go for it without even noticing the health dangers involved by it. But by just being careful and taking few precautions these dangers can be avoided. Certain precautions that must be taken while going for body piercing are

-If you have any health problem like heart problem, diabetes or taking steroids then it is better to consult doctor before going for body piercing.

-It is important to make sure you are immunized for hepatitis and tetanus.

-Select jewelry which will be worn by you after piercing be of metal for which you are non allergic. Generally gold and silver good options.

-Next is to find the right shop. Try to find piercing shop where person performing piercing is experienced professional and also the environment is clean and hygienic with equipment used are sterilized.

-For purpose of piercing a new sterile needle should be used. If piercing gun is being used then note if it is a single use gun or gun with disposable cartridge because reusable gun can pose high danger of spread of blood borne disease like HIV, Hepatitis.

-After piercing the jewelry that would be worn should also be kept sterilized.

-Never touch the pierced area with dirty hands.

-If you develop any redness, swelling, pain, pus discharge, allergy then do not delay to consult doctor.

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