Recipe: Mozzarella Cheese paratha


Mozzarella Cheese paratha is very easy and quick recipe and It tastes very good. As cheese is a very high in calorie, protein, Vitamins and other nutrients, cheese paratha is very good option for part of breakfast. Here I am writing recipe for making this paratha.

Ingredients for cheese paratha:


– Wheat flour  2 cup

– Mozzarella Cheese grated or in small cubes 100 gm

Black pepper powder 1-2 pinch(per paratha)

– Roasted cumin powder 1-2 pinch(per paratha)

– Chopped Green coriander leaves 1 small spoon

– Chopped green chili 1 tsp

– Salt to taste (Note cheese also contains salt)

– Butter 1-2 spoon


– Make dough by adding some salt in atta

– Make 1 thin chapati and put cheese cubes on it and sprinkle black pepper powder, chopped chili, coriander leave and roasted cumin seeds as per your taste.

– Make another chapati and put this on top of first one or you can use single chapati by folding it by half.

– Seal paratha by twisting sides of chapaties

– Heat frying pan or tawa and fry paratha using butter.

– Make all paratha using above method.

Paratha is ready and you can eat this in your breakfast with sauce or any other side dish. I like this without and side dishes because it taste vey yummy.

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