Health: Tips to get rid from dark eye circles

Now days dark under eye circles are very common problem. Main reason for dark eyes circle is our busy life style, lack of sleep, improper diet. Efficiency of iron is main reason for developing dark eye circles.

Here are some tips for treating dark eye circle which will help you to remove and prevent dark eye circles.

– Sleep proper:

Lack of adequate sleep is main reason for dark eye circles. Because blood flow is restricted to some area of face but at night when you sleep for 6~8 hours then blood flows in all area of face and keep dark under eye circles away.

– Healthy diet:

Proper diet is very important for your skin look. If you have iron deficiency then Dark eye circle may be occur. So to keep away dark circle eat proper food.

– Moisturizer and Suns cream:

Use a good quality moisturizer cream on you face and under eye skin. Use cream which contains vitamins. Always use suns cream location on your face if you are going out side in sine. Because under eye skin area is very dedicated so always wear sunglasses when you are in sun sine for long time.

– Home remedies

Use cucumber slices over your eyes or soak cotton balls into potato juice and apply  gently over eye skin area.

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