Anise Tea Recipe and Health Benefits

Anise tea cures colic, flatulence and constipestion, menstrual cramps and many more. It is great body relaxant. Learn how to prepare and use this.

Anise seeds are very aromatic and sweet in taste. It is used to make herbal medicines, spices and drinks. Anise seeds are very effective in induction of milk in newly mothers.

In India generally people call it Patla Jeera(Thin Cumin) as it look like thin cumin seed and it’s characteristics are very similar.

In culinary Anise seed is used in spices and for making tea of either single herb or in combination of other herb.

In Ayurveda and Unani medicine system it is used to make Gripe Water and Colic Drops medicines, which are very good to treat constipestion and colic in children.

It is widely used to cure insomnia(sleeplessness), to increase milk production in mothers and to improve digestion & appetite. It is also good in reducing cramps and nausea.

How to make Anise Tea

Making anise tea is quite simple. Just boil seeds (1 teaspoon per cup) in water for 5-10 minutes and strain it. Now you can drink by it with or without sweetener.

Or you can boil some fresh leaves of anise plant and drink it as tea.

Prefer Honey as sweetener.

Anise tea health benefits

There are several health benefits of drinking anise tea and some are given below

  1. In kids it cures colic, flatulence and constipestion
  2. Very good in reducing menstrual cramps
  3. It is good muscle and body relaxant
  4. Helpful in the treatment of leukorrhea
  5. In breastfeeding mother it helps in increasing milk
  6. Very good for digestion
  7. Provides relief from toothache
  8. It is very good mouthwash and freshener


Never consume anise seeds in pregnancy. If there is some allergic symptoms like skin rashes or any other then do not drink it.

Make sure you are not using star anise.

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