What you should eat during pregnancy

During pregnancy a healthy diet is most important during pregnancy to keep you and your baby well. It is very much required to help your baby grow and develop well as well as to keep you healthy and well.

Importance of healthy foods during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your baby need nutrition for healthy growth and development and food are source of all nutrition. So eating healthy foods during pregnancy is most important.

Some most important nutrition in pregnancy

Folate(Folic Acid)

Required for growth and development of a healthy brain and spine. Makes healthy blood for pregnant and baby. Take multivitamin with folic acid in it, every day. You should talk to your doctor for requirement of folic acid.


Makes healthy bones and teeth for you and baby.


Required to produce healthy blood for you and baby. Always eat foods high in vitamin C along with foods for iron. As vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron properly.


Protein is required to develop body cells and Helps your womb (uterus) and placenta become strong. So eat high protein diet in pregnancy.

Foods combination you should eat during pregnancy

  • Vegetables and Fruit

    7 or 8 servings per day Fruit (fresh or canned), vegetables (especially green, yellow, orange)

  • Grain Products

    6 or 7 servings per day Bread, rolls, crackers, cereal, rice, pasta

  • Milk and Alternatives

    2 servings per day Milk (chocolate or white), cheese, yogurt, enriched soy drinks

  • Meat and Alternatives

    2 servings per day Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, peanut butter, beans, lentils, tofu, nuts, seeds

Choose foods from at least 3 food groups at every meal, and plan healthy snacks.

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