Medicinal use of Fumitory or Pitta papra

Details of medicinal uses of Fumitory or Pitta papra in ayurveda for treating many disease. This medicinal herb is useful in treating skin problems, fevers of different types, lowering of blood cholesterol and removal of body toxins. Learn how to use Pitta papra?

Fumaria officinalis or Parpata is native to Europe and North America. In India it is found at high altitudes in Nilgiris and Salem (Tamil Nadu). It is a seasonal herb which is available during rainy and winter season. This medicinal herb is useful in treating skin problems, fevers of different types, lowering of blood cholesterol and removal of the body toxins. This herb can be used in fresh or dried form.

General Information

Latin: Fumaria officinalis
Family: Fumariaceae
Sanskrit: Parpata, Khasetara
Hindi: Pit papda, Pitta papda
English: Fumitory, Earth smoke
Unani: Shaahtaraa

Here are few remedies that can be done at home using Fumitory to cure various ailments.

  • Skin problems, boils, eczema, daad khaj, psoriasis

    Prepare decoction of Pitta papra and neem leaves. Drink regularly for a few days.
    Prepare homemade oil by cooking this herb in mustard oil and apply at affected areas.

  • Kidney problem, Increased Serum creatine and urea

    Drink decoction of Pitta papra.

  • For poisoning due to any reasons, Removal of the body toxins

    Prepare decoction by boiling Fumitory (5 gms) in water (200 ml) till volume reduces to 50 ml. Filter and drink. This helps in situation of swallowing of poisonous, toxic substance.

  • Intestinal parasites, digestive problem, nausea, vomiting

    Prepare powder of Pitta papra herb and take 1-2 gram twice a day.

  • Acidity, ulcerative colitis, constipation

    Chew Pit papra and drink water.

  • Increased cholesterol

    Prepare decoction of Pitta papra and arjun bark and drink regularly.

  • Fever due to heat, heat-related illness

    This herb has antipyretic activities and helpful in curing fever. Prepare decoction of pit papra, giloy and tulasi and take twice a day.

  • Recurrent, periodic, chronic fever

    Prepare decoction of Pitta papra, giloy, tulsi and neem leaves. Drink twice a day for a few days.

  • Drug reaction, side effects of medication such as steroids

    If due to long term use of certain medicines person is suffering from side effects then use Pitta papra either in dried or fresh form. For using fresh herb crush the herb and extract juice (10 – 15 ml) and dink for two weeks to one month twice a day. For using dried herb prepare decoction of 5 gm herb in 200 ml water. Take this twice a day for a month.

  • Gum infection, swelling

    Chew leaves of this medicinal herb.

Know how to make Fumitory tea and what are it’s benefits

Fumitory tea is prepared from medicinal herb Fumaria officinalis. This tea is good for the digestive system, the liver, gallbladder, bile flow, skin problems, etc. For preparing this tea herbs are added to boiling water and steeping is done for 10 minutes to extract active ingredients. In the process of tea making exposure to heat is for a few minutes only to make sure vitamins and volatile oil are not completely lost.

Ingredients of Fumitory tea

Fumitory herb, water, honey or sugar (optional)

Recipe of Fumitory tea

  • Take water (250 ml) in pan. Bring it to boil.
  • Add Fumitory herb( 2gm) in this boiling water.
  • Steep for ten minutes. For steeping purpose it is recommended to use porcelin or glass pot with tight lid to ensure minimum evaporation.
  • Strain tea and drink lukewarm or cold an hour before the meal.
  • You can take this tea once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks.
  • You may add honey as per taste. If you are diabetic then avoid adding honey or sugar.

Benefits of Fumitory Tea

  • Good for the digestive system
  • Cures indigestion, digestive problems, constipation
  • Purifies blood
  • Useful in gallbladder and the liver problem
  • Stimulates bile flow

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