Medicines can hurt pregnancy

Taking any medicine in pregnancy can hurt and cause permanent damages to baby. These medicine can be prescribed, over the counter, natural remedies and even some time foods can cause damages. Most of the medicines are not safe in pregnancy.

Many pregnant females takes these medicines unknowingly in early pregnancy days and even they don?t know that they are pregnant. So you should be very careful while planning for a baby.

Ask you doctor before taking any medicine:

So, it doesn’t meant that pregnant can not take medicines. Yes they can but always ask your doctor before taking any medicine. Doctor can tell you that what is safe, how much is safe and what are alternative options.

Always take supplements like iron pills, vitamins and other as advised by your doctor.

All Natural medicines and products are not safe in pregnancy:

Even don?t take natural herbal product without discussion with your doctor because there are many medicines in Ayurveda which are strictly prohibited in pregnancy like Ashwagandha, Pippli. So you should be careful before using natural products in pregnancy.

Always read product labels before using as if they are not safe for pregnant then product level has some note. Always read product level before using it.

Even cosmetics can cause problems so avoid them and ask your doctor.

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