I-Know Ovulation Test Strip

Ovulation test strip are used to find most fertile days in a menstrual cycle. In every monthly cycle there are only two days when the chances of conception are highest. I-know is one such ovulation strip available in India from Piramal Healthcare.

I-Know Is Rename of I-Sure

I-know is ovulation test strip from Piramal healthcare. It is previously known as i-sure.

i-sure and i-know, both are the same product.

Piramal Healthcare renamed its product due to trademark infringement case filed by Assure Life Science Pvt Ltd in the high court. High court directed the company to stop using the word ‘sure’ as a brand name for its ovulation kit product or for any other drug manufactured by it. After which Piramal Healthcare gave the undertaking on affidavit on May 25, 2015 that its “infringing material under the trade name ‘I-Sure’ which was in the market will be phased out within an outer limit of three months by withdrawing the products from the retailers to whom the product had been sold”.

Now they renamed the product as I-Know.

How Ovulation test strip works?

Ovulation strip provide a very simple method to know ovulation at home.

What is ovulation: Ovulation means the release of mature egg from ovary. This egg remains in fallopian tube for a few hours to get fertilized. If fertilization takes place by a sperm then it moves in uterus where it implants and develops and grows as a baby. Ovulation from ovary starts after release of a hormone. This hormone is Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

The ovulation strips uses a dye to show presence or absence of this hormone. If the test line

When to do ovulation test?

Do the test when you expect ovulation or in mid cycle. Generally in regular cycle ovulation takes place between 10th to 15th days of period. But it can happen as early as 8th day or even on 19th day. In an irregular cycle you may have to test often to know the day of ovulation. If the result is negative then again perform the test. Collect the urine at the same time each day.

Do this test in afternoon and avoid drinking too much water as the dilution may affect test result.

How to do ovulation test with i-know test strip?

Collect urine in a dry and clean container and dip the test strip in this container or put few drops. Do as directed. Wait for ten seconds.

The Result: First a control line appears.

If test line appears which is darker then control line then result is positive and ovulation is going to happen. A positive result means you should ovulate in the next 24 to 36 hours, but this may not be the case for all women.

It also means if you want a baby then this is right time to have intercourse.

A negative result means that the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) release has not been detected and one should continue the daily testing.

Important points to keep in mind while using Ovulation strips

For a regular cycle of 28 days, one can start testing for ovulation 5-6 days after the menses (ovulation can happen anytime between 11th to 19th day).

Daily testing is required to know the positive result.

In an irregular menstrual cycle it is sometimes difficult to detect the ovulation.

Few medicines are prescribed for triggering the ovulation. So in case, any such medicine is taken, one should do the test three days after the intake of medicine to avoid the false positive results.

Do not drink large amounts of fluids before the test.

Certain drugs which contain estrogens, progesterone and testosterone can decrease LH measurements. Estrogens and progesterone may be found in birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy. Use of such medicine can give false negative result.

Where to buy Ovulation test strip i-know

i-know can be purchased from medical store or online. One ovulation kit contains 5 strips and it is available for ₹ 499. You may need to test for several days to find when you are ovulating.

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