Natural home remedies for Sujak(Gonorrhea)

Sujak(Gonorrhea) is is an infectious disease(STD) caused by bacteria. If some one is infected from this disease then he will feel burning sensation in genitals while urinating and penile discharge. Infected women’s have virginal discharge and pelvic pain. Some time this infection causes fever to patient .

This infectious disease can transmit via intercourse and use of common soap, towels, etc.

In Ayurveda there are many natural remedies to treat this bacterial infection sujak:

  • Make powder of 100 gm kababchini and mix it with 100 gm sodium bi corb and mix them. Take 1 spoon powder with milk and water. This will treat all kind of sujak.
  • Soak 12 gm giloy. In morning extract juice from soaked giloy and mix 60 ml honey. Drink this mixture for some time. This will boost your body immunity to treat sujak infection.
  • Take soft leaves of babool and amar bel. Dry these leaves in shade and then make powder. Eat 6 gm powder with 250 gm curd in morning for 15 days.
  • Extract juice of 25 gm fresh sheesham tree leaves by adding water. Drink it regularly for some time. This will treat sujak for sure.
  • Boil peepal tree leaves in water. Filter water and mix some goat milk and drink it for 7-10 days. This will cure sujak.
  • Grind doob grass 12 gm with 5 black pepper. Add some water and filter it. Drink this for some time this will cure sujak.
  • Eat raw okra(bhindi) with mishri for seven days. This will cure sujak.
  • Drink 1/2 spoon karela juice by adding 1 pinch sendha namak daily.
  • keep you private park clean and dry.

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