Ayurvedic natural remedies for pre-mature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation(Shighra Patan) is very common problem these days. In this male ejaculate sooner while doing intercourse. According to medical experts it is rarely caused by physical weakness or problems.

Premature ejaculation early in a relationship is most often caused by anxiety and too much stimulation. Guilt and other psychological factors may also be involved. The condition usually improves without treatment.

As stated above pre mature ejaculation is an psychological problem and rarely caused by any physical problem. It occurs in people early sexual life as there are many psychological factor like over excitement, some guilt, lack of knowledge are involved. In most of the cases it becomes normal after some time(days to months). So one should understand this that this is not an physical weakness or any illness.

In this condition both partner should react positively and especially female should handle this situation very carefully as this is temporary. If this problem persist for more than 3-6 months then one can consult a doctor.

In ayurveda there are many natural remedies to cure pre-mature ejaculation:

  • Bargad(banyan) is very great tree for all kind of sexual problems. For this take batasha(sugar puff) and put 5-7 drops of bargad leaves milk and eat them. Eat this 2-3 times daily and this will treat shighrapatan problem.
  • Dry soft leaves of babool in shade. make powder of dried leaves and take 5 gm powder daily with water in early morning(before break fast).
  • Make paste of ajwain and onion juice (both 20 gm). Now add clarified butter and sugar to it. Eat this for 1 month this will cure pre-mature ejaculation problem.
  • Eat urad dall halwa made with deshi ghee and sugar daily. This is give you power and cure this problem..
  • 2 gm harad, 4 gm bahera, 6 gm amla. Now break these using some mortal and soak in water. On second day extract juice of this and eat this in morning by adding some mishri.
  • Mix dalchini oil 10 gm, 10 gm olive oil. Massage private part with this oil before going to bed for 10 days.
  • Mix pure itra in rose water and do massage before doing intercourse.
  • Apply clove(laung) oil before doing sex.
  • Take bath with cold water for some long time.
  • Eat problem balance diet

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