Divya Yauvanamrita Vati

Divya Yauvanamrita Vati is Ayurvedic proprietary medicine from Yog Guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Divya Pharmaceuticals. This medicine strengthens heart and brain, promotes sexual desire, and makes the body active. It is an aphrodisiac that gives strength, youth and vigour to body.

Here is given more about Divya Yauvanamrita Vati, such as indication/benefits, Key Ingredients and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Divya Yauvanamrita Vati

Each 125 mg consists of: Ashwagandha 12 mg, Kaunch 12 mg, Sida cordifolia 12 mg, Shatavar 8.25 mg, Javitri 12 mg, Jaiphal 5.5 mg, Kuchla shuddha (Strychnos nux-vomica) 2 mg, Akarkara 12 mg, Judbestar 12 mg, Babul 1.75 mg, Swarna bhasma 0.25 mg, Praval pisthi 0.25 mg, Vang bhasma 5.50, Shilajit 5.5 mg Processed with Paan Swaras

Excipient Gum acacia, Aerosil, Talcum QS

Uses of Divya Yauvanamrita Vati

  • Nourishes body, gives strength
  • Aphrodisiac action
  • Spermatogenic activity
  • Improves fertility and sperm generation
  • Useful in many sexual disorders

Dosage of Divya Yauvanamrita Vati

1-2 tablet(s) twice a day with milk.

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