Patanjali Tankan Bhasma Properties, Uses, dosage and Side Effects

An ayurvedic medicine made of Tankan Bhasma (borex ass) which is very beneficial in many diseases. know about its benefits, uses and disadvantages.

Patanjali Tankana Bhasma (Borax Na2B4O7 10H2O) is an Ayurvedic formulation prepared from borax. It is used in cough and bronchitis. It is also used in leprosy, skin infection. Tankana with honey is applied to the wounds, it promotes the healing process. It is used in leprosy reduces pain. It is beneficial in managing the symptoms of leprosy doe to its Ayurvedic properties. Tankana Bhasma calms Kapha and Vata, which reduces the intensity of symptoms caused by these doshas.

Patanjali also uses typing bhasma in cough, cold cough, mouth ulcers, etc. Patanjali Ayurveda and Divya Pharmacy prepare bhasma based on Ayurvedic procedures. These products and medicines do not have any side effects on the patient and are helpful in any chronic or complex disease.

Tankan bhasma is a commonly available alkali. In tonsillitis, gargling is done by dissolving it in water. Tankan Bhasma should be used in appropriate proportions, with age and strength and with any, expert advice.

The price of 5 grams of Patanjali Tankan bhasma (price) is Rs. 5.

The dose

125 milligrams to 250 milligrams of typing ash are given along with honey and ghee.

Patanjali Tankam Bhasma Uses

Patanjali Tankan Bhasma is hot in nature, sharp in taste. It is useful in excess phlegm and vata imbalance diseases. It is used for productive cough, bronchitis, wheezing, asthma, chest congestion, food poisoning, abdominal pain, amenorrhea, Cold cough, Cough, Sore throat, Breathing problems with wheezing, wound
Skin diseases, Chest tightness, Tonsil inflammation, Dandruff, Mucus cough, Dandruff, Bronchitis, Bronchitis, No menstruation, Gynecology

Benefits of Tankan Bhasma

Tankan Bhasma is also used as an ingredient in many Ayurvedic, especially in medicines that contain Vatsanabha. Tankan reduces the toxic effects of Vatsanabha.

Application of Tankan Ashama benefits from injury to the skin and other soft tissues, thus speeding up the repair process. It is also used in the treatment of cough, bronchitis. It improves digestion power, relieves inflammation.

In women suffering from amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea, it induces menstruation. It is useful in mouth blisters, tongue fissures, and cracks on the side of lips. Gargling with Tankan Bhasma mixed with water reduces throat inflammation and relieves pain.

Reduce phlegm

Tankan Bhasma is hot in Taseer and reduces Kapha. It is beneficial in breathing disorders. It melts the accumulated mucus and helps to expel it from the lungs.


Tankan bhasma has great healing properties. It is mixed with honey and applied to wounds. This accelerates the healing process and reduces pain.


Tankan Bhasma is useful in dandruff. Add half a teaspoon of Tankan Bhasma powder to coconut oil and apply it on the scalp. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and then wash off.

Tighten and stops bleeding from gums

Tankan Bhasma is mixed with lemon juice and made into a paste and applied to the gums.

Bring Menstruation on time

Tankan Bhasma has the properties of increasing the flow of Menstruation. If bleeding does not occur properly in periods, you can take it.

Benefit in warts

Tankan bhasma is mixed with lemon juice and is made of fine paste and applied on warts. This is done once a day and washed after 5 minutes.

Tankan Bhasma Side effects

  • It produces access pitta.
  • In some people, it may cause a burning sensation.
  • Do not take Tankan Bhasma for a long time.
  • Its long-term use can cause oligospermia.
  • Excessive use of Tankan Bhasma can weaken hair.


Gastritis and peptic ulcer

It should not be used by patients with gastritis and peptic ulcers.


Tankan Bhasma should not be taken in pregnancy as it induces menstruation. It helps in improving menstrual flow.

Beast Feeding

Consult a doctor for its use during breastfeeding.


  1. Add Curd talkan basma lemon coconut oil mux well n apply weekly for 3 consecutive week. I never got dandruff in my life again from 10years.

  2. It creates too much build on my scalp. I just hate it. Instead of solving problem it creates too much itchy scalp

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