Chandanadi Ark Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Warnings

Chandanadi Ark is classical herbal Ayurvedic medicine. The main ingredient of this formulation in Safed Chandan or Santalum album. Chandanadi Ark is useful in excessive heat in body, urinary problems such as diseases of the kidney, urinary bladder, and urinary tract and infection of urinary tract

Safed Chandan is the dried heart wood of Santalum album Linn. (family Santalaceae) tree, an evergreen, semi parasitic tree, 8 to 18 m in height and 2 to 4 m in girth, widely distributed in the country, commonly found in the dry regions of peninsular India from Vindhya mountains southwards, especially in Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

Safed Chandan is astringent, antibacterial, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, carminative, diaphoretic, disinfectant, diuretic, expectorant, hemostatic, refrigerant, sedative, stimulant Pitta and Vata reducing, Kapha increasing and cooling. It mainly acts on blood, plasma, marrow, muscle, nerve, reproductive tissues and circulatory, digestive, respiratory, nervous and genitourinary organs.

Chandan is used in treatment of bronchitis, skin disorders, heart ailments, general weakness, fever, inflammation of the mouth and pharynx, liver and gallbladder complaints and infection of the urinary tract. It has cooling and soothing effects on body.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition and dosage.

What is Ark / Arq?

Arka / Arq can be defined as a liquid obtained by distillation of certain liquids or drugs soaked in water using distillation apparatus. The drugs are boiled in distillation apparatus to get the vapors which on condensation give Ark of desired herb. Ark contains the volatile part of drug.

  • Synonyms: Chandanadi Arka, Chandanadi Arq
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Classical Medicine
  • Main Indication: Urinary problems
  • Dosha Effect: Reduces Vata and Pitta, increases Kapha and Ama when taken in excess

Chandanadi Ark Composition

Ingredients present in this formulation are given below:

Equal amount of following herbs:

  • Chandan
  • Rose flower petals
  • Kevda
  • Vedmushk or Maulshree flowers
  • Lotus flower
  • and Water 8 times of herbal ingredients

For preparation of Ark, the dried herbs are cleaned and coarsely powdered. Some quantity of water is added to it for soaking and kept over-night. Soaking helps to soften the herb and when boiled releases the essential volatile principles easily. Next morning this is poured into the distillation apparatus and boiled. The vapour is condensed and collected in a receiver. In the beginning, the vapour consists of only steam and may not contain the essential principles of the drugs. It should therefore be discarded. The last portion also may not contain therapeutically essential substance and should be discarded. The aliquots collected in between contain the active ingredients and may be mixed together to ensure uniformity of the Arka.

It is a suspension of the distillate in water having slight turbidity and colour according to the nature of the drugs used and smell of the predominant drug.

Ayurvedic Action / Karma of Chandanadi Ark

  • Angamardaprasamanam: Relieve bodily pains
  • Daahaprasamanam: Relieve burning sensation
  • Kandughnam: Destroy itching
  • Mutrakricchraghna: Alleviates dysuria
  • Mutral: Diuretic
  • Pittakapha shamaka: Calms pitta
  • Raktapittaghna: Stops bleeding
  • Trishnaghna: Alleviates thirst
  • Varnya: improve complexion
  • Vishaghna: act as antidotes to poisons
  • Vrishya: Increases sexual potency

Biomedical Action of Chandanadi Ark

  • Antibacterial: Active against bacteria.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.
  • Antioxidant: Neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals and other substances.
  • Antipyretic/antifebrile/febrifuge: Effective against fever.
  • Antispasmodic: Relieve spasm of involuntary muscle.
  • Carminative: Preventing the formation or causing the expulsion of flatulence.
  • Cholagogue: Promotes the discharge of bile from the system, purging it downward.
  • Depurative: Purifying agent.
  • Diuretic: Causing increased passing of urine.
  • Refrigerant: Cooling

Chandanadi Ark Health Benefits

  • It is herbal medicine.
  • It is safe to take.
  • It has goodness of Chandan.
  • it is Cooling and help to clear pitta.

Chandanadi Ark Therapeutic Uses

  • This is useful in chronic gonorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, dysuria or difficulty in passing urine and other urinary diseases, stone in the kidney and heat in the body.
  • Chandanadi Arkis used for cooling pitta and clearing heat from the urinary, digestive and respiratory systems.
  • Bleeding Disorders
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Chronic fever
  • Excess Pitta
  • Fever accompanying with urinary tract infections
  • inflammation of the Bladder Cystitis
  • inflammation of the kidneys Nephritis
  • Nose bleed
  • Pyospermia or leukocytospermia (unusually high number of white blood cells in the semen)
  • UTI Urinary tract infections

Chandanadi Ark Dosage

  • The recommended dosage of medicine is 12-24 ml.
  • It should be taken twice a day, in the morning and evening.
  • Or take as directed by doctor.


  • If condition is not improving or worsening, please consult doctor.
  • Effectivity of herbal medicine depends on many factors. A medicine suitable for one person may not essentially give same result in another person.
  • Exact dose depends on the age, strength, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, the state of the viscera and humours, and the properties of individual drugs.
  • Do check the list of ingredients and their contraindications to avoid any side effects.


Specific contraindications have not been identified.

Drug Interactions

Please maintain a gap of at least an hour between intake of any allopathic drug and Ayurvedic medicine to avoid drug interaction, if any.

Do not use many different medicines for the treatments of same disease.

Side-effects of Chandanadi Ark

There are no known side-effects for this medicine.


  • Do check the list of ingredients and their contraindications to avoid any side effects.
  • Do not use any medicine during pregnancy without consulting doctor.


  • Store in a cool and dry place in tightly closed containers, protected from light and moisture.
  • Keep away from the sight and reach of children.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Keep bottle cap closed after every use.

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