Akik pishti uses details

Akik pishti is Ayurvedic medicine prepared from Agate (mineral of silica) gem. This medicine is used in treatment of various cardiac problems.
In Ayurveda Pishti is preparation from powdered gems or minerals. First gems are processed in herbal juices and dried then grinded to get a very fine powder.  This fine powder is further processed in rose water to get final medicine or Pishti. These medicine are cool in potency and can be taken by persons who cannot tolerate Bhasma of same minerals.

Ingredients of Akik pishti

Shudh (purified) Akeek or Processed Agate, rose water, Aloe vera

Uses of Akik pishti

  • Good for heart, Cardiac tonic
  • Rapid and irregular heart beats
  • Hypertension
  • Burning sensation in the chest

Dosage of Akik pishti

125 mg. to 375 mg. with honey twice daily or as directed by the physician.

This medicine is also known as Akeek pishti.

Manufactured by Patanjali Diva pharmacy, Baidyanath 

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