Mig Aid Tablets for Migraine By Bakson Homeopathic

Bakson Mig Aid Tablets are Homeopathic medicine for Headache, Migraine. It provides instant relief in any type of headache associated with migraine, a periodical headache of school children, premenstrual headaches, climacteric headaches. Headache due to eye strain or exposure to the heat of sun or light.

  • Brand/Manufacturer: Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Homeopathic Medicine
  • Main Indication: Migraine
  • Presentation: 75 tablets and 200 Tablets 50 tabs. (5×10 tabs. Blister pack)
  • Price of Bakson Mig Aid Tablets: 50 tabs @ Rs.150 and 200 tabs @ Rs. 320
  • Contraindications: No known contraindication
  • Interactions: No known interaction
  • Side-effects: No known side effects

About Headaches

The word “migraine” is derived from the Greek ἡμικρανία (hemicrania), “pain on one side of the head”, from ἡμι:  (Hemi: ), “half”, and κρανίον (kranion), “skull”.

Medical term:  Cephalgia.

Headache is a very common condition. It is defined as pain in the head or upper neck.

Headache may vary in severity. It may range from the mild form which resolves quickly to headache which may be a debilitating form. Headache may interfere from day to day activity and result in loss of work. It seriously affects the working efficiency of a person.

Primary headache may occur due to diseases like:

Cluster headache:  It refers to a headache that is periodical in nature with extreme intensity. It is related to headaches which occur with increasing severity and after some time it disappears.

Headache may occur as a result of stress, depression, or anxiety.

Migraine:  Usually occur on one side. It has a pulsating headache. This may last from 24: 72 hours. Headache associate with nausea and vomiting.

Tension headache:  It occurs due to tightness in the muscles of the shoulders, neck, scalp, and jaw.

It may also result in increased sensitivity to light and sound.

Secondary Headache:


  • After the withdrawal of caffeine
  • Brain tumors
  • Meningitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Stroke

Migraine is a common condition that is related to the nerves of the head. It usually attacks young individuals especially women.

  • This condition can run in families. Headache is associated with aura.
  • The incidence of migraine is peaked between 15 years and 24 years of age.
  • The severity of the attack varies from person to person.
  • Migraine can affect the productivity and quality of life of an individual.

Cause of Headache:

Stress in different age groups may lead to migraines. Children may have stress due to education, peer pressure, and family tension.

  • Adults may have stress due to work or family.
  • It is seen that people who are depressed for a long time may have complaints of headaches.
  • People who have irregular sleep suffers from headache.
  • People who work in an atmosphere where there is loud noise due to machines can have headaches.
  • Brain diseases like brain hemorrhage, brain tumor, meningitis may produce headaches.

Trigger factors of migraine:

  • Bright light
  • Caffeine withdrawal
  • Change in atmospheric pressure
  • Changes in the weather
  • During menses
  • Environmental factors (like too much or too little sleep and from stress)
  • Fasting
  • Fatigue
  • From alcohol beverages
  • Hormonal factors
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Strong smell

Foods like chocolate, aged cheeses, processed meats, fermented foods, monosodium glutamate, citrus fruits, and nuts.

Various Subtypes of Migraine

Migraine with aura:

  • Typical aura with migraine headache
  • Typical aura with non-migraine headache
  • Typical aura without headache
  • Familial hemiplegic migraine
  • Sporadic hemiplegic migraine
  • Basilar: type migraine

Symptoms that are seen in childhood:

  • Cyclical vomiting
  • Vertigo can also be seen along with headache
  • Headache associated with pain in the abdomen
  • Headache associated with pain in the retina

Symptoms are seen in adults:

  • Throbbing pain in the head.
  • Pain may vary from moderate to severe in nature.
  • Pain is associated with nausea.

The patient is sensitive to light, sound, and often smell.

Patients feel pain from stimuli like light, touch, or pressure. This condition is known as Allodynia.

Migraine without aura is more frequent. It produces a long effect, more disabling. This type of migraine is for a long duration. So it can be said that it is chronic in nature.

Warning Signs of Migraine

Red flags signs:

  • Headache is seen after the head or neck injury.
  • If a headache is of recent origin.
  • If a headache changes its pattern.
  • If a patient has new symptoms like pain in the leg.
  • If the patient has abrupt or split-second onset.
  • If a headache is seen after cough.
  • If a headache is seen after exertion.
  • If a headache is seen after sexual activity.
  • Headache is seen during pregnancy or after childbirth.
  • If a headache is seen after 50 years.
  • If a headache is seen with symptoms like seizures, confusion associated with difficult attention, alertness, and weakness.
  • Headache is seen with fever, weight loss, and tenderness of the scalp.
  • Headache is seen in cancer and HIV patient.
  • Headache is seen after recent travel.

Yellow flags:

  • If the patient wakes up from sleep at night.
  • If the patient has a headache with posture.
  • Complications were seen in migraine:
  • Chronic migraine.
  •  Status migrainosus
  •  Persistent aura without infarction
  •  Migrainous infarction.
  • Migraine: triggered seizure

Bakson Mig Aid Tablets Composition

Each tablet contains an equal proportion of:

Cimicufuga rac. 4x- It is given when a patient has a wild feeling in the brain with shooting and throbbing pain in the head. Headache is seen after mental worry, overstudy, or due to disease-related to uterine disease.  It is given when a patient has to wave sensation. He may have the sensation of opening and shut in the brain. His brain feels too large. It is given when a patient has pain is pressing outward.

Gelsemium semp. 3x- It is given when a patient has vertigo along with pain. The pain usually arises from the back of the head( occiput). The patient has the heaviness of the head with a band-like sensation around the head. A patient has an occipital headache with dullness and heaviness of the eyelids and bruised sensation. Headache is better by compression of the head and lying with the head high. Pain is also seen inside of the head with muscular soreness of the neck. It is given when a patient has a headache with blindness which is better by profuse urination.

Iris vers. 2x- It is a very good remedy for frontal headaches. It is a very good remedy for migraines with a feeling as the scalp feels constricted. It is given when a patient has a headache usually on the right side along with the ears. A patient has a headache which worse from rest.  The headache begins with a blur before the eyes and after relaxing from a mental strain.

Sanguinaria can 3x- It is given when a patient has a right-sided headache. A patient has a headache after exposure to the sun.  Pain begins in the back of the head, spreads upwards, and settles over the eyes especially to right. It is given when a patient has distension of veins of the skull. Pain is better lying down and sleep. It cures headache which returns every seventh day. Along with pain patient has to burn in the eyes. A patient has pain in the back of the head” like a flash of lightning”.

Spigelia Mar. 4x- It is given when a patient has pain in the forehead and near ears which extend to the eyes. It is seen on one side of the head usually involving the left eye. Pain is violent and throbbing. Pain is worse by making a false step. It is given when a patient has pain as if a band around the head.

Natrum Mur. 3x- It is given when a patient has a blinding headache with a sensation as if a thousand little hammers were knocking on the brain in the morning on awakening. Headache is also seen after menses, from sunrise to sunset.  The patient has feels too large. It can also be given when a patient has a headache in anemic school girls.  It is suited to a person’s pale face, nausea, and tingling in the lips, tongue, and nose. Headache is relieved by sleep.

Ferrum phos. 3x-It is given when a patient has soreness to touch, cold, and noise. A patient has a rush of blood to the head. It is given when a patient has ill effects of the sun. A patient has a throbbing sensation. Headache is better by cold application.

Kali phos 3x- It is given when a patient has pain in the back of the head. Headache is better after rising from bed.  It is given when a patient has pain in the head with vertigo which is seen from lying or standing up from sitting and when looking upward. It cures headaches in students and those people who are badly affected by fatigue. Headache is relieved by gentle motion. A patient has a headache with empty all gone feeling in the stomach.

Bakson Mig Aid Tablets Benefits

  • It gives relief from pain in the head that may have originated due to any cause.
  • It is a very good remedy when headaches occur due to eye strain.
  • It is a very good remedy when a headache is seen before menses.
  • It does not produce any side effects.

Bakson Mig Aid Tablets Important Therapeutic Uses

Bakson Mig Aid can be given in case of the following:

  • For migraine.
  • Periodical headache of school children.
  • Headache is seen in females before menses.
  • Headache is seen after menopause.
  • It cures headache occurring due to eye strain or due to exposure to the heat of the sun or exposure to light.

Bakson Mig Aid Tablets Dosage

The recommended dosage of medicine is given below:

  • Adults: 1 tablet, four times a day.
  • Children: 1 tablet, twice a day.

Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects, and Suggestions

  • It has no known side-effect.
  • It has no known drug interaction.
  • It is completely safe to take this medicine in recommended doses.
  • Homeopathic medicines should be taken after cleaning the mouth and preferably on an empty stomach.
  • Please do not eat strong-smelling food items such as onion, garlic, etc. within half an hour before and after taking the medicine.
  • In case white globules have turned yellow, or sediments appear in the liquid form of medicine, do not take.
  • Do not take tobacco in any form.
  • During homeopathic treatment, no other medicines should be taken, unless suggested by a qualified homeopathic doctor.

Keep the medicines:

  • Away from strong smelling substances like camphor, menthol, etc.
  • In a cool, dry place away from direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Away from the reach of children.

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