Homeopathic Medicines For common Breast feeding Problems

Know the homeopathic medicines used to treat various breastfeeding problems. These medicines are very effective without any side effects.

Breastfeeding is also known as nursing. It means feeding babies with milk from a breast. Breastfeeding is recommended within the first hour of life can be continued till the baby’s wishes. Breastfeeding is beneficial for both mother and baby.

The benefit of Breast Feeding

For mother

  1. Less blood loss following delivery
  2. Uterus shrinkage
  3. Weight loss
  4. Low chance of depression
  5. Increases time before menstruation and fertility returns
  6. Decreased risk of breast cancer
  7. Low chances of cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis

For babies

  1. Lowers chance of infections like lower respiratory infections, ear infections, bacterial infections, urinary infection
  2. Lowers chance of diabetes (insulin-dependent)
  3. Reduces childhood obesity
  4. Lowers allergic disease
  5. Improves intelligence

Problems Related to Breast Feeding

  1. Many times new mother suffers from many problems while feeding the baby. Some of the common problems are:
  2. Nipples feel sore and there is severe pain
  3. Cracked nipples
  4. The fullness of breast if milk is not drained properly
  5. The feeling of a lump in the breast
  6. Redness
  7. Feeling feverish
  8. Milk fever (fever after childbirth and during breastfeeding)
  9. Low milk supply
  10. Inverted nipples
  11. Swelling of the breast is associated with flu-like symptoms such as fever and pain in the breasts. It is common within the first few weeks after birth and caused by cracked skin. It is called mastitis

Medicines for Breast Feeding Problems

Helonias Homeopathic Female Health Remedy

The symptoms: Breasts are very hot, swollen, and painful. Nipples are cracked and fissured so she cannot feed her baby. There are intense itching and burning pain in the nipple and areola. The nipples are sensitive and she cannot bear the touch or even clothing. Weakness and low backache. Any movement aggravates the pains and she becomes irritable. Copious urine, clear in color. She is sleepless during the pains.

The weakness of the pelvic region. Other general debilitating conditions may cause leucorrhoea (a whitish or yellowish discharge of mucus from the vagina.). History of prolapse (a slipping forward or down of a part or organ of the body) due to weakness of supports. Intense itching in the genital region. Muscular fatigue with burning and aching feels as if cool wind flowing up the legs.

She is worse when alone or thinking of her complaints. So it is necessary for her to divert her attention to any other subject. She gets relief when she is busy. She cannot tolerate any opposition, which irritates her. Melancholic females.

The condition is worse by touch, motion.

The condition is a better mental diversion.

Dosage of Helonias Homeopathic Female Health Remedy

  1. 10 drops 3 times daily, placed on the tongue.
  2. For acute symptoms, 10 drops every 15 minutes, decreasing to hourly upon improvement.

Homeopathic Medicine Nux Vomica

Deficiency of milk in a nursing woman can best be treated by this remedy.

Breasts are diminished in size. Nipples are dry and sore. Engorged breast on the third or fourth day. Acute mastitis with rising temperature on the fourth day. The unpleasant feeling of emptiness in the breast. Pain in the breast when the baby sucks.

Congestive headache and vertigo. Over sensitiveness to any impressions and gets trouble due to it. Irritable mind and body. Sensitive spine and burning along the spine. Cramps in the skeletal and smooth muscles. The weakness of extremities with sudden paralytic feeling. Nausea and vomiting in the morning or sometime after eating. Feels that she will be better morning or sometime after eating. Feels that she will be better only after vomiting but she cannot vomit.

  • Gastric derangements due to abuse of coffee. Alternate diarrhea and constipation. Retention of urine or involuntary urination. Urine passes drop by drop and cause pruritis.
  • Mentally she is very irritable and spiteful. Oversensitive and feels that time passes too slowly. Over sensitiveness of mind is marked.
  • Modalities
  • Worse Mental exertion, dry cold weather, morning
  • Better Pressure, damp wet weather, at rest.

Dosage of Nux Vomica

The dosage is adjusted according to the individual symptoms. For acute symptoms, 10 drops every 15 minutes. In general, 10 drops, 3 times daily.

Homeopathic Medicine Aethusa cynapium

The nipples are retracted, very raw, and sore. Baby sucks the milk but then vomits. Copious vomiting and then baby becomes exhausted. Cries sharply for feed, but cannot tolerate mother’s milk. This leads to engorgement of the breast and she has to drain the breast mechanically. The mother is uneasy and has discomfort. Due to this there is suppresses lactation. Lancination pains in the breast. Mother is unable to digest food. She has nausea even when she sees food. Swelling of the breast accompanies by black spores. Nocturnal pains are severe at the areola.

All troubles are seen when there is extreme heat or in the hot summer season. The child cannot bear milk in any form. Even mother’s milk makes it to vomit.

The sensation of fullness in ears and dyes. Though there are profuse vomiting and dryness of the mouth, the complete absence of thirst is a striking symptom. Pruritis and lancinating pains in the vulval region and breasts. Cold sweat with palpitation. Restlessness is well-marked in Aethusa lady, idiocy, and anxiety. Irritable.

  1. Modalities
  2. Aggravation Warmth, in the evening
  3. Better Open air.

Dosage of Homeopathic Medicine Aethusa cynapium

One dose of Aethusa Cynapium 200 taken in the morning is useful.

Homeopathic Medicine Graphites

Blackish, dirty colored blisters on the nipples. The nipples are sore with corrosive ulcers on them. Discharges of colorless, sticky liquid, sometimes serum or gelatinous fluid. This fluid forms a crust on the areola, on nipples, which is difficult to remove. While removing the crust there are abrasions on the nipple. This causes a lot of irritation and burning. Violent pains with suppression of the milk. The skin over the breast is rough, hard and there is persistent dryness over it. Cracks in the nipples bleed easily with burning and stinging pains.

Graphite lady has a tendency to malignancy of genital organs and mammary glands. Anemic lady. Congestion of head. Generalized dryness of every part. Every food nauseated and she vomits it. White and acrid leucorrhoea. Offensive breath. Induration of soft parts. Constricted feeling around the chest causes asthma.

  • Modalities
  • Aggravations
  • Heat in general, night
  • Better from covering.

Dosage of Homeopathic Medicine Graphites

10 drops 3 times daily, placed on the tongue. For acute symptoms, 10 drops every 15 minutes, decreasing to hourly upon improvement.

Homeopathic Medicine Castor

The nipples are cracked and sore in bruised in women. Stitching pains, breasts are excessively sensitive and tender.

Touch of any kind is intolerable to her. Even she cannot bear the touch of clothing.

There are multiple ulcers on the breast, on the areola, with fetid discharge. The ulcers are inflamed, indurated which then turn into abscesses. Areola and nipples turn red like erysipelas. Usually left breast is affected by white suppression of milk. Milk fever is well treated by this remedy.

She has also got a tendency to form outgrowths like warts, especially on the forehead and breasts.

Dosage of Homeopathic Medicine

Usually, sixth and twelfth potency is given.

Homeopathic Medicine Oleander

Breasts are engorged, hot, and tender difficult to nurse. After feeding there is a sense of emptiness in the pit of the stomach. This cannot be removed even after eating.

This lady complains of nausea and vomiting constantly. So cannot take enough quantity of food, this results in suppression on milk. The tardy and scanty appearance of milk especially in nursing women with abdominal symptom call for this remedy.

Vertigo, numbness, and double vision. Itching and sensitiveness of skin. Difficult breathing. Oozing and bleeding eruptions. Soreness of parts. Melancholic lady. Forgetful and delayed perception due to weak memory

Worse Rest, touch uncovering.

Dosage: Third to thirtieth potency.

Homeopathic Remedy Pulsatilla

Milk is thin and watery, which contains hardly any milk globule. There is a sudden suppression of milk in nursing women.

Breasts are swollen and engorged. It becomes very difficult for the baby to suck the breast due to its sensitivity. To prevent breast abscess, the breasts must be emptied mechanically.

Pains spread all over the chest from the nipple. These pains wander from place to place while nursing. There are cramps in the abdomen and back while nursing. Pulsatilla is a thirstless remedy and she has got chronic dyspepsia. All gone sensation is stomach in the morning. Changeability is seen in every ailment and there is marked sensitiveness in every organ.

Increased frequency of urination, colicky pain in the bladder. Bland piles with blood in dysentery. Chilliness is associated with all the troubles. All the discharges in Pulsatilla lady are bland, only acrid discharge is the leucorrhoea. It is milky or cream-like and very much offensive. Drawing and tensive pains in limbs. Pains are shifting rapidly and associated with chilliness.

  • She is very timid, gentle, and sensitive. Weeping tendency.
  • Worse heat left side
  • Better pressure, cold.

Dosage is given in Third to thirtieth potency.

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