Artemisia Cina Homeopathy Remedy

Artemisia Cina is found in Turkistan. West Pakistan supplies the maximum quantities. In India, it is cultivated in temperate regions and in Western Himalayas.  Artemisia Cina is an evergreen perennial shrub with many slender erect flowering stems up to one meter high, much of it is branched. Flower heads up to 2-3 mm, long, oblong, ovoid sessile, pale brownish-green color. It is odorous with a bitter taste.

It contains small green-yellow flower-heads. These become darker by age. They a peculiar, nauseous, and aromatic odour. The odour resembles that of camphor. It is rough and bitter in taste. Its dried flowers are taken. In ancient times it was considered as worm remedy as used in the treatment of anthelmintic. In Greek Pharmacopeia it has two species which are mainly Artemisia absinthium and Artemisia Contra.

The flower head of Artemesia Maritima Cina is used in the preparation of mother tincture. The plant is dried, the unopened flower head is used. This is known in seeds. It is coarsely powered, macerated in alcohol, diluted, and succussed.

  • Artemisia Cina
  • Botanical name: Artemisia maritima china linn.
  • English: Wormseed
  • Hindi: Kirmala
  • French: Grainede zedoria
  • German: Zitersoame wurmsaame
  • Other names: Levant wormseed, European wormseed, Tartarian Southerwood, Artemisia austriaca, Artemisia contra, Aretmisia Cina berg

The active principle of Artemisia Cina

It contains various alkaloids and volatile oil namely-

  • Santonin
  • Artemisinin
  • Cineol

Homeopathy Remedy Artemisia Cina Action is on the following organs:

  • Central nervous system
  • Digestive system
  • Eyes
  • Intestine
  • Kidneys
  • Muscular system
  • Respiratory system

The remedy is given when the symptoms are due to a worm and from yawning. It is given when a patient has symptoms of the left side is present.

Symptoms get worse

  • At night
  • After eating
  • From open-air
  • In the morning
  • In the evening
  • From touch
  • From pressure
  • In summer
  • From the exposure to the sun
  • When looking fixedly at an object

Symptoms get better

  • From wiping eyes.
  • From motion.
  • Lying on the abdomen.
  • When turning head from the side.

This remedy is suited to children who are very ill-humor. They are haughty in nature. They cannot be pleased easily. He always lies on his belly on his hands and knees during sleep.

Artemisia Cina is basically a child’s remedy. It is suited to children with dark hair. They have sickly look and have dark circles around their eyes. It is given when a child has constant rubbing of the nose. It is given to a child who has constant irritation of the nose. It causes a constant desire to rub, prick or press it. It is given to children when they have gritting teeth during sleep. It is a very good remedy when a child wets the bed and tosses all about the bed in sleep. It is a remedy for nocturnal enuresis. It is given to a child who is oversensitive. They cannot bear to have head combed.

Most of their complaint is worse by heat.


  • Food to be avoided
  • Food to be taken by a patient
  • Milk
  • Mother’s milk
  • Pepper
  • Sweets

Artemisia Cina Indication

It is a worm medicine. All the complaints of patients are due to worms. It is given in conditions like:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Irritability and touchiness
  • Temper tantrums
  • Ravenous appetite
  • Itching of nose

It is a very good remedy for epileptic attacks, especially at night. A patient suffers from twitching and distortions of the limb.

It is given for whooping cough. It cures reflex cough which is caused by writing or reading. It cures whooping cough with the stiffness of the child before it and with great paleness of the face.

It is a very good remedy for fever in those children who have worms.

It also cures irritation of the anus which is due to worms.

It is given to children who have unnatural hunger. A patient has great hunger soon after a meal with a feeling of emptiness. The patient also suffers from severe hunger which alternates with no appetite. A patient has a desire for sweets and bread. It cures when a patient has vomiting and diarrhea immediately after eating. A child does not like mother milk.

It is a good remedy for headaches when headaches alternate with pain in the abdomen. Headache is better by stooping. It is given when pain in the head is seen when reading or staring. It can also be given before and after an epileptic attack.

It is a very good remedy when a patient has fatigue of the eyes. A patient has a dark ring around the eyes. It curing twitching of eyelids when staring at any object. He feels as though gauze.

It is given for sleeplessness at night in children. A child also suffers from the grinding of teeth. A child sleeps on the abdomen. Child screams and talks in sleep.

It is given when a patient has a clean tongue. Sometimes tongue is brownish yellow and whitish. Everything tastes bitter. The child chews and swallows in sleep.

It is a very good remedy for tonsillitis when a patient has difficulty in swallowing liquids. The patient has noisy swallowing. It cures a sense of constriction of the pharynx, down to the stomach as if food could not pass. It is a very good remedy when a patient has great dryness of the throat, especially on awakening. It cures ulcers in the throat, with the secretion of yellowish-brown badly smelling pus.

It cures milky urine.

It is given in leucorrhoea.

It is a very good remedy for cough which is recurrent. Cough is choking in nature with sneezing. A patient has a violent cough which brings tears and sternal pain. Sometimes cough ends in a spasm.

It is a very good remedy for rheumatism seen in children where they toss side to side. The patient has sudden, inward jerking of fingers of the right side.

It is a very good remedy for constipation. A patient has inactivity of the rectum. Even soft stool requires great straining. A patient has no desire to pass stool until there is a large accumulation. Stools are hard and knotty or covered with mucus. It also cures cutting sensation in the anus. It is important to remedy chronic diarrhea which is seen on alternate days from walking. A patient has diarrhea whenever urinates.

It also cures blind piles, which protrude, become moist with pain.

It cures frequent urination. Urine passes while straining at stool. It cures burning with a discharge of urine.

It cures pain in the abdomen which is felt above the navel. My stomach is hard and distended and painful. It cures worms. A patient has terrible pinching pain in the stomach and it even becomes bloated as a result of the worms.

It cures vertigo with blackness before the eyes. It is seen faintness and staggering. This relieved by lying down.

It cures pressing pain in the eyes.

It cures toothache, as from soreness. Inhaled air and cold drinks penetrate painfully the teeth.

Twitching Muscles:

It works well as a homeopathic remedy if the muscles tend to jerk or go through spasms. It is particularly helpful if the jerking or convulsions is brought on by touch or from being scolded.

It works well as a homeopathic remedy in those who tend to suffer from great irritability. It is typically given to children as it offers the most help to the young and the problems that they face. Those who benefit greatly from cina may feel restless and often frantic, and they often have a hard time sitting still. They have a difficult time sleeping and their physical and mental symptoms are often tied together.

Homeopathic Remedy Artemisia Cina Dosage

200 pellets, thrice daily for 14 days.


Never apply for this medicine in the morning and evening. It should be kept in mind that this medicine should never be taken in the morning and evening. It gives the best result when the medicine is administered at Noon and at Night before eating.

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