Uses of Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil is not an oil, but a highly saturated solution of magnesium chloride MgCl2 in water along with other trace elements. The appearance and texture is oil-like due to its hygroscopic nature. Magnesium oil can feel stingy and itchy, in such case you can dilute it with distilled water in 1:1 ratio. Although the appearance and name of this product is oil, but its properties are not of an oil. It neither make skin greasy or leaves stains.

It can be used externally in various ways.

Massage oil

You can use magnesium oil for massaging purpose.

Painful areas, Sore joints and muscles

Magnesium oil can be directly applied on sore muscles, joints and on muscle spasms.

Useful in arthritis, rheumatism and muscle cramps

Just rub magnesium oil, on the affected part and leave it.

Gives relief in Feet cramps

For getting relief from foot cramp, apply magnesium oil or lotion on feet and keep it for 30 minutes or more.

For relaxing bath

You can add 50 ml of magnesium oil into the bath, soak your the whole body in it for thirty minutes.

How to use Uses of Magnesium Oil

Generally 1 teaspoon of magnesium oil contains 400 mg of elemental magnesium. So for topical application, pour 1-2 teaspoon and massage on the affected part. You can put magnesium oil in aerosol bottle and just spray it on the affected areas. It can be applied few times a day. You can leave it or wash off the area after half an hour post application.

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