Natural remedies for recurring cold-cough

To treating recurring cold and cough you can use simple natural home remedies which are very effective to treat recurring cough by increasing immunity of body.

Cold and cough is very common in season change. But in many people especially in children’s cold and cough may be very frequent and reason for this is weak immunity of the body. If someone is suffering from recurring cold and cough then he should improve his immunity.

There are many natural remedies to improve immunity here are some of them:

  • Drink Giloy decoction twice daily for 1~2 weeks. Here is details for making giloy decoction
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetable rich in vitamin C, iron and zinc. Like Oranges, Carrots and leaf vegetables.
  • After wake up in morning do gargle and drink 1.5~2 liter water and do omit using you hand clean fingers. Insert clean fingers in your mouth till throat and omit all water. This is very effective therapy to get rid from recurring cough.
  • Do physical exercise daily.
  • Do pranayama daily and other breathing exercise
  • If some one has recurring cold and cough problem then he/she can take homeopathic treatment as they are very effective in long term.
  • In winter one should eat good quality chyavanpras daily.
  • In small children’s frequent cold and cough is very common because small children’s immunity is not enough. But with as child growth these frequency decrease with time.
  • In the case of very small children you must consult a doctor.

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